Council 4 of the Indigo Disc DLC - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In the DLC The Indigo Disc of Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, if you wish to take on the members of the Council 4namely, Taro, Rubépin, Nérine and IridoBut you have to prove yourself first. In this guide, we explain how to succeed in their challenges, but also how to defeat them with greater ease.

Only the best Trainer is admitted to the final exam. In other words, you must reach the top of the League table. When this is the case, you can approach the various members of the Council to take part in their respective challenges. They will not allow you to fight them only if you succeed in their challenges. They are not very complicated for most people.

Taro, the Fairy Champion of Council 4 of the Blueberry League

Taro - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disk

Answer the Pokémon quiz - Taro's quiz challenge

The Institut Myrtille is first and foremost a school. What better way to test your knowledge of Pokémon than with a surprise quiz? To take on Taro, you'll need to answer the five questions correctly. Note that it is possible to make a mistake without having to start all over again. You will find the answers to these questions below:

  • Question 1 - Click on Pikachu's cheek,
  • Question 2 - Click on the eye of Mimitoss,
  • Question 3 - Select the centre Theffroi (there's a label underneath),
  • Question 4 - Find the Pink Météno (you need to concentrate!),
  • Question 5 - Click on Granbull's belly,
Quizz de Taro - Sample question - Pokémon The Indigo Disc
Quizz de Taro - Sample question - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Take on Taro from Council 4

Recommended types : Steel, Poison, Soil

After welcoming you to the Institut Myrtille, Taro once again finds herself in your way. This time, she appears as a member of Council 4. Once you've answered her little quiz correctly, get ready for a magical battle! She specialises in Fairy-type Pokémon, however watch out for his Flagadoss de Galarof the Poison/Psy type. And don't forget that his favourite Pokémon, Minotaupehas a Fairy teratype.

Taro's Pokémon :

Granbull - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 78
Type : Fairy

Farfaduvet - Taro - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Fairy/Plant

Flagadoss de Galar - Taro - The Indigo Disc

Flagadoss de Galar

Level : 79
Types : Poison/Psy

Oratoria - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 79
Types : Fairy/Water

Charmilly - Taro - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Type : Fairy

Minotaupe - Taro - The Indigo Disc


Level : 80
Types : Floor/Steel
Teratype : Fairy

Nérine, the Steel Champion of Council 4 of the Blueberry League

Nérine - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Take to the skies with your mount - Nérine's aerobatics challenge

You may have dreamt of flying on the back of your mount in Paldea or Septentria to get around more quickly or admire the scenery from the sky. Well, with this DLC and Nérine's challenge, your wish is partially granted.

The Trainer asks you to a successful aerobatic course - which consists of rings in the sky that you have to pass through - using your mount. The aim is to reach the end. Each time you pass through a ring, you gain extra time. Try not to miss too many!

Nérine's aerial race in Pokémon The Indigo Disk.
Nérine's aerial journey in Pokémon The Indigo Disc.

Take on Nérine du Conseil 4

Recommended types : Water, Soil, Combat, Fire, Darkness

Nérine is also a member of Council 4 of the Blueberry League. Contrary to what her challenge might suggest, she doesn't specialise in Flying-type Pokémon, but in Steel-type Pokémon. The battle isn't the easiest, but you should overcome them with Water and Soil attacks. On the other hand, we also advise you to have a Pokémon with Darkness and possibly Spectre attacks to take down its Symbios.

Nérine's Pokémon :

Triopikeur d'Alola - Nerine - Le Disque Indigo

Alola Triopiker

Level : 78
Types : Floor/Steel

Airmure - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Steel/Theft

Symbios - Nérine - The Indigo Disc


Level : 79
Types : Psy

Cizayox - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Insect/Steel

Pingoleon - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Water/Steel

Metalosse - Nérine - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Steel/Psy
Teratype : Steel

Rubépin, the Fire Champion of Council 4 of the Blueberry League

Rubépin - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Make a super-spicy sandwich - Rubépin's cooking challenge

As you know, Rubépin loves cooking and good food. So it's hardly surprising that he's challenging you to make him a proper snack so that he can face him. The aim here is to make a super-spicy sandwich! You can obtain the necessary ingredients by fighting nearby students. Be careful, you may have to beat certain Trainers to acquire resources that can be exchanged for others. For the expected sandwich, you'll need the following items:

  • Onion x1
  • Chilli x1
  • Chorizo x1
  • Mustard x1
  • Hot Sauce x1

When this is the case, go back to Rubépin and start preparing the dish. Don't add any mayonnaise!

Make a super spicy sandwich for Rubépin - Pokémon The Indigo Disc
Rubépin loves your spicy sandwich - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Take on Rubépin du Conseil 4

Recommended types : Water, Soil, Rock and Flight

As cheerful as ever, Rubépin will happily confront you after tasting your spicy sandwich! Let's face it, he's even burning with envy. A specialist in Pokémon Fire, this member of Council 4 has six Pokémon in his team. With Water attacks, you should be able to defeat it easily, but be careful: he also has a Plant and Psy-type Noadkoko.

Pokémon from Rubépin :

Flambusard - Rubépin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 77
Types : Fire/Theft

Motisma - Rébupin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 77
Types : Electrik/Feu

Maganon - Rébupin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Type : Fire

Camérupt - Rubépin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Fire/Ground

Noadkoko - Rébupin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Plant/Psych

Braségali - Rubépin - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Fire/Combat
Terapype : Fire

Irido, Dragon Champion of Council 4 of the Blueberry League

Irido - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Take on the Trainers - Irido's combat challenge

Irido's challenge is a little less fun than the previous ones. This time, you have to prove to him that you're up to the task by fighting opponents of his choice. In total, it asks you to take on three opponents.

And to make matters worse, you don't have the right to your pre-made team straight from Paldea. You'll have to pit your wits against them using Pokémon caught in the Terra-Dome. Here's the list and the Pokémon sent by the students :

  • Wyatt: Charkos (level 68/Rock type) and Bastiodon (level 68/Rock-Steel type)
  • Miley: Sablaireau d'Alola (level 68/types Ice-Steel) and Lamantine (level 68/types Water-Ice)
  • Boris : Zéblitz (level 68/Electrik type) and Magnézone (level 68/Electrik-Steel type)

Take on Irido from Council 4

Recommended types : Poison, Fairy, Dragon, Fire, Ice

The Dragon Master of this Council 4 is none other thanIrido. This battle is no easy task, as most of these Pokémon have two distinct Types. Irido also has a Plant-type Pokémon, JungkoThis is something that should not be overlooked when putting together your team.

Pokémon from Irido :

Libegon - Irido - The Indigo Disc


Level : 78
Types : Dragon/Ground

Dracolosse - Irido - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Dragon/Theft

Jungko - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Plant

Hyporoi - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Dragon/Water

Tranchodon - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Dragon

Pondralugon - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Dragon/Steel
Teratype : Dragon

Kassis, Master of the Blueberry League

Kassis - Blueberry League Master - Pokémon The Indigo Disk

Take on Irido from Council 4

Recommended types : Fairy, Ice, Dragon, Fire

At this point, you've already defeated all the members of Council 4. As usual, you still have to defeat Big Boss to take his place and complete this part of the story. Surprise, surprise! the Master of the house is none other than Kassi! Go to the main entrance of the Académie Myrtille and the fight will start automatically after a few exchanges.

Determined to become an exceptional trainer, he has a strong and diverse team and will probably give you a hard time. All its Pokémon are level 80 at minimum. You'll need to be well-prepared and have Pokémon of different types to take it down.

Pokémon from Kassis :

Dracolosse - Irido - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Dragon/Theft

Tarpaud - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Water

Félinferno - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 81
Types : Fire/Darkness

Polygon-Z - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 81
Types : Normal

Angoliath - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 81
Types : Fairy/Darkness

To come


Level : 82
Types : Plant/Dragon
Teratype : Fight

Once you have defeated Kassis, you will become a Blueberry League champion!