Teracrystallisation and changing a Pokémon's Teracrystal Type

New Pokémon Scarlet and Violet mechanics, Teracrystallisation is shaking up type mechanics and strategies. We tell you all about the Teracrystal Orb and Teracristal Raids.

What is Teracrystallisation?

Teracrystallisation is in a sense the heir to Mega Evolutions. The latter were too restrictive and limited to a handful of Pokémon. The developers tried, version after version, to find a game mechanic that would be more universal and interesting. This is how we got Z-Moves in Pokémon Sun and Moon, then Dynamax in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Thanks to Teracrystallisation, all Pokémon can now benefit from additional defensive or offensive options.

Specifically, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, all Pokémon have a Teracrystal type. It is visible in your Pokémon's summary. When you activate Teracrystallisation in battle, your Pokémon crystallises and takes on its Teracrystal type.

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It is important to understand that this is not a third type in combat. The Teracrystal type replaces both of your Pokémon's types. This means that a Water Flight Pokémon with a Fire Teracrystal type loses both the Water and Flight types until the end of the battle once it crystallizes.

Such a transformation therefore offers new possibilities, both offensively and defensively.

The Teracristal Orb and how it works

Very early on in the adventure, as you prepare to enter the Paldea Academy, Menzi will give you a Teracrystal Orb. It is thanks to this orb that you will be able to activate the Teracrystallisation in any battle, by pressing R before confirming your attack.

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Your Pokémon will then Crystallize immediately, before your attack and the opponent's attack, even if you are slower than them. It will remain Crystallized until the end of the battle, even if you switch Pokémon in the battle. However, if your Pokémon is knocked out, it loses Teracrystallization.

You can't use Teracrystallization in every battle. This is because when you Crystallize a Pokémon, your Teracrystal Orb discharges and must be recharged before it can be used again. Only Pokémon centres are able to recharge your Orb. So make sure you go there after each use of the Teracristal to make sure you always have it available.

The offensive potential of Teracrystallisation

Most Pokémon have a Teracrystal type that matches one of their two basic types. In this case, the Pokémon will mainly use Teracrystallization offensively. Indeed, if a Crystallized Pokémon launches an attack of the type corresponding not only to its Teracrystal type, but also to one of its base types, this attack will do 200% of damage.

In more technical terms, this is a double STAB. For more information on STAB, see the advanced part of the Type Table.

The defensive potential of Teracrystallisation

Since you become a pure type as a result of Teracrystallisation, you can use this mechanic to lose one of your weaknesses in combat. Teracrystallisation necessarily occurs before attacks in a fightYou can take the opponent by surprise in this way.

For example, a Water Pokémon is at a disadvantage against an Electrik Pokémon, but if it can Teracrystallize and become a Ground type, it is immune to its opponent. If the opponent were to launch an Electrik attack, its attack would fail and you would get a free attack.

Capturing Pokémon with an Atypical Teracrystal Type

To get the most interesting strategy options, you'll need to find a Pokémon with the Teracristal type that suits you. Absolutely all Pokémon can have all 18 types in the game as its Teracrystal type. However, the probability of a Pokémon having one of its two original types as Teracrystal type is much higher than the rest.

However, there are two ways to catch Pokémon with unusual Teracrystal types. On your travels, you will regularly see columns of colored lights in the distance. There are two types.

Teraristallised wild Pokémon

When you reach the foot of the fine golden columns that you can see on the horizon, you will come to a glittering wild Pokémon. This wild Pokémon is not chromatic, but it has an unusual Teracrystal type and a higher level than the local Pokémon.

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When confronting him, he will immediately take on his Teracrystal type. In this form, he cannot be captured. You'll have to hurt it enough to cause it to lose its Teracrystallisation. If you're worried about knocking the Pokémon out by hitting it too hard, don't panic: a Teracrystallized wild Pokémon cannot be knocked out. He will remain at 1 HP, then return to his base form. The poison and burn could kill him, however, as they occur after the change of form.

Capturing a wild Pokémon that loses its Terascrystallization may fail, but you have a very good chance of making a critical capture.

Teracristal Raids

The multicoloured columns of light correspond to Teracristal Raids. At the foot of these columns are huge crystals. By interacting with them, you can launch a raid. A description of the raid is shown to you beforehand. You will be able to see the shadow of the Pokémon corresponding to the raid, as well as its Teracrystal type.

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This Raid offers to fight a Meerkat whose Teracrystal Type is the Dragon Type.

In truth, you can even tell the Pokémon's Teracrystal type by the colour of the light column and the crystal, or simply by looking at your map. But you'll have to interact with the crystal to find out which Pokémon is being raided.

To find out more about Teracristal Raids, see our guide to Teracristal Raids.

Changing a Pokémon's Teracrystal Type

If you already have a Pokémon you like, but would like to change its Teracrystal type, it is possible, but it will take some work.

The great restaurant of Mezclamora offers to change the Teratype of any Pokémon, as long as you bring the ingredients. You will need to 50 Tera-Shards the type you want your Pokémon to adopt.

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You will sometimes get Terascale Shards by defeating crystallised wild Pokémon, but the main method is to complete high-level Terascale Raids. You will then earn Terascale Shards of the Raid type.