Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Complete Solution

Welcome to the world of Paldea! Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offers a brand new adventure with many Pokémon to discover and a multitude of challenges to overcome. This new episode is quite different from the previous ones, however, as it takes place completely in an open world for the very first time in the licence. In order to help you find your way around, we have prepared a complete solution that will allow you not to get lost.

Preamble to the Solution

Whether you play Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet, you won't have exactly the same adventure. The Pokémon you encounter will sometimes be different, as will certain characters and areas.

For this solution, we are basing ourselves on the Scarlet version. This is why we will refer to the Orange Academy or Koraidon rather than the Grape Academy and Miraidon.

Also, as you will see, we will choose Coiffeton as the starting Pokémon. We feel that it represents the average difficulty level of the adventure (as well as being very stylish). As far as we know, this only changes your Rival's Pokémon, but here goes.

Finally, this solution is only indicative, but we encourage you to enjoy the game to the fullest by charting your own course. The game is not linear, but there is a recommended order for completing the various objectives. We'll talk about this in The Treasure Hunt Begins.

Table of contents

  • Part 1: The beginning of a great adventure
  • Part 2: Your first Pokémon and Menzi
  • Part 3: Catching Pokémon on the way to the Lighthouse
  • Part 4: The Mysterious Pokémon
  • Part 5: On the way to Mesaledo
  • Part 6: Mesaledo, the largest city in Paldea
  • Part 7: First days at the Academy
  • Part 8: The Treasure Hunt begins
  • Part 9: Era, Champion of the Insect Arena
  • Part 10: The Spice of the Dominant Roche-Falaise
  • Part 11: Rape, Champion of the Plant Arena
  • Part 12: The Spice of the Vast Sky Dominant
  • Part 13: Brome and the Team Star Darkness Team
  • Part 14: Mashynn, Champion of the Electrik Arena
  • Part 15: Meloco and the Team Star Fire Team
  • Part 16: The Spice of the Steel-trunked Dominant
  • Part 17: Kombu, Champion of the Water Arena
  • Part 18: Erio and Team Star's Poison Team
  • Part 19: Okuba, Normal Arena Champion
  • Part 20: Laïm, Champion of the Spectrum Arena
  • Part 21: The Spice of the Soil Aspen Dominant
  • Part 22: Tully, Champion of the Psy Arena
  • Part 23: Grusha, Ice Arena Champion
  • Part 24: Ortiga and the Team Star Fairy Team
  • Part 25: The Spice of the Dominant Dragonbeard
  • Part 26: Nèflie and the Team Star Combat Team
  • Part 27: Take on the Pokémon League
  • Part 28: The Zero Zone
  • Part 29: The final battle