Irido, Council 4 Champion of the Pokémon Myrtille Violet and Scarlet League

In the second volume of the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zonechristened The Indigo Discyou can take on Council 4 of the Blueberry League. The exceptional trainers in this group include Iridothe Pokémon Dragon specialist. In this guide, we'll explain how to succeed in your challenge, and how to battle it effectively.

Before going any further, please note that the highest ranked student can sit the final exam. In other words, you must reach the top of the League table. When this is the case, you can approach the various members of the Council to take part in their respective challenges.

Irido's challenge: home fights

Irido's challenge is a little less fun than the previous ones. This time, you have to prove to him that you're up to the task by fighting opponents of his choice. In total, it asks you to take on three opponents. They are located close to the Champion.

And to make matters worse, you don't have the right to your pre-made team from Paldea. You'll have to measure yourself against them using Pokémon captured in the Terra-Dome. Please note that you must capture them yourself. It is not possible to use traded Pokémon from the dome.

The Terra Dome map in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet's Indigo Disc
Your team must only include Pokémon from the Terra-Dôme that you have captured yourself.

Visit the list of students to fightand their respective Pokémon:

  • Wyatt
    • Charkos: level 68, Roche type,
    • Bastiodon : level 68, Rock and Steel types,
  • Miley:
    • Sablaireau d'Alola : level 68, Ice and Steel types,
    • Manatee: level 68, of the Water and Ice types,
  • Boris :
    • Zéblitz : level 68, Electrik type,
    • Magnezone : level 68, Electrik-Acier type,

Take on Irido, the Dragon Champion of Council 4

Irido - Council 4 of the Blueberry League - Pokémon The Indigo Disc

Recommended types : Poison, Fairy, Dragon, Fire, Ice

The Dragon Master of this Council 4 is none other thanIrido. As with the other Council representatives, you will face him in a 2-on-2 match.

These battles are no picnic, since most of these Pokémon have two distinct types - Dragon and another - and require you to juggle different types of attack in order to knock them out.

So don't neglect your Jungko. So make sure you have a few fire attacks ready. It would also be useful to have ground and combat attacks available to combat the normal form of Pondralugon.

Pokémon from Irido :

Libegon - Irido - The Indigo Disc


Level : 78
Types : Dragon/Ground

Dracolosse - Irido - Kassis - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 78
Types : Dragon/Theft

Jungko - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Plant

Hyporoi - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Dragon/Water

Tranchodon - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 79
Types : Dragon

Pondralugon - Irido - Le Disque Indigo


Level : 80
Types : Dragon/Steel
Teratype : Dragon

If you would like further information about the various members of the Board, please refer to our guide to Council 4 of the Blueberry League. Have a good fight!