Spice of the Vast Sky Dominant - Solution Part 12 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Continuation of the solution to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with this Part 12: Your second battle against a Dominant Pokémon and recovery of the Secret Bitter Spice.

In this section we will:

  • Fighting the Dominant Lestombaile
  • Learn the Surf skill

If you follow the order we recommend To complete Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, you have just finished the Plant Arena. As a result, you are in the town of Cuencia. Your next destination is on the opposite side of the world, in the West Zone n°1.

Use fast travel to return to SevaroThen take the exit to the west of the city. You have to walk along the river until you reach the first bridge. Continue along the path and head north at the fork. When you reach the second bridge, do not cross it. Continue west to reach the top of the mountainThe second Dominant Pokémon can be found in the highlands, near the wind turbines. The second Dominant Pokémon can be found in the heights. You can also use the trip to fill your Pokédex with some new Pokémon.

Spice of the Vast Sky Dominant - Solution Part 12 - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple - mandatory pokemon scarlet purple guide 0966 Lestombaile 0 miniature -

The Vast Sky Dominant keeps Secret Bitter Spiceanother unique ingredient used in the preparation of your sandwiches. Unlike the Craparoi, you will have no difficulty in spotting this gigantic Lestombaile.

It can be seen, even from a distance, from the path leading up the mountain. Since it is a Pokémon that mixes the Flight and Darkness typesFor example, you can use Electrik, Ice or Fairy attacks. This Pokémon is level 19 and will therefore not be very difficult to beat.

The greatest difficulty is to manage to approach it. Lestombaile launches large rocks along the slope that leads to it. You have to dodge them to get closer, while paying attention to the obstacles in your way. When you reach the top, a first fight is launched automatically.

When his health points approach zero, he flees and destroys a mountain wall to ingesting a Secret Bitter Spice. As with the first encounter with a Dominant, a new phase begins. Lestombaile has recovered all his life and is now more powerful. Again, Pepper intervenes and sends his Selutin into battle.

Now that you have defeated it, go into the cave behind you: there you will find a Secret Bitter Spice. To thank you, Pepper will give you a sandwichwhich you can choose to give to your Koraidon (or Miradon). Select Give it when you are invited to do so. Your horse will learn the "Surf" capacitywhich allows you to move on the water.

If you wish to continue in the order we recommend, retrace your steps to the bridge below the mountain. This time cross it and head east. You will face Brome and Team Star's Team Darkness.