Challenge Carmadura and Malvalame in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet's upcoming Teracristal Raid

While the first session dedicated to to Amphinobi has just finished, a new Teracristal raid has been announced. This time, you can try to capture Carmadura and Malvalame in 4 and 5 star raids.

Teracrist raids include different levels of difficultyrepresented by stars. The higher the number, the more difficult the fight, the more interesting the rewards. If it is necessary to complete several missions to unlocking those of levels 6 and 7 starsThe 4 and 5 star raids are a little easier to access.

You get the 4-star raids after winning 6 Arena badges. The 5 stars can be accessed once you have completed the Zone Zero events. To participate in a Teracristal raid, open the Poké-Portal and go to the specific tab.

New raids have been appearing regularly since the release of both games. The next 4 and 5 star raids will be available 3 to 5 February. In Pokémon Violet, you'll have the opportunity to meet more often, Carmadura, and Malvalame in the Scarlet version.

Carmadura and Malvalame will be the Pokémon of the upcoming Teractristal raids.

The Pokémon Company says that they can have different types of Teracristal. You will need to be well prepared to defeat them. Malvalame is usually a Fire and Spectre type, while Carmadura is a Fire and Psy type.