Pokémon Violet and Scarlet Indigo Disc DLC release date

We now know the release date of the next Volume of DLC for Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, The Indigo Disc. From the month of Decemberyou can take part in a second school trip, as you did in the Volume entitled Turquoise Mask. There's no traditional village in sight this time - you'll be fighting in the heart of a state-of-the-art school!

Last February, The Pokémon Company unveiled The Buried Treasure of the Zero ZonePokémon will be releasing DLC for its latest titles, Pokémon Violet and Pokémon Scarlet. We learned that this additional content would be divided into two volumes, Turquoise Mask at first, then The Indigo Disc later in the year.

When the release date for the first episode has been revealed in August, the Japanese firm confirmed that we would have to wait until winter 2023 to get our hands on the next one. Today, the Japanese group has clarified its position and has finally given a date for the next model. The Indigo Disc. The Académie Myrtille and its Board 4 will only be available from on 14 December.

As well as enjoying activities in the Clubs, you'll have to try and solve the mystery surrounding the Terapagosthe Legendary Pokémon of this Volume. You can also go hunting for new Pokémon. The Indigo Disc will introduce two Pokémon paradoxes, Ire-Foudrefor Pokémon Scarlet owners, and Chef-de-Ferfor players who own the Violet version.

Ire-Foudre and Chef-de-Fer, the two new Paradox Pokémon in the Buried Treasure of Zone Zero DLC.

You'll also have the chance to meet all former Starters from previous instalments in the Terra-Dome, so you'll have plenty to add to your collection!