Septentria Orienteering Race: sign locations in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

During your school trip to the Septentria regionYou can take part in a range of activities, including a major orienteering race. Your objective is simple: find the signs and take a photo of them. In this guide, we give you the location of the various signsas well as the folklore information they provide.

Begin orienteering

The day after you arrive in Jaderaude, the village bursar invites you to take part in an orienteering race. The aim is simple: you have to find three different signs scattered across the lands of Septentria. For your information, the signs are large wooden panels with a red triangular shape. Each will bring you information on local folklore. As well as offering you a fun activity, the aim of this mission is to show you the sights and sounds of the area.

The Intendant of Septentria invites you to take part in an orienteering race - The Turquoise Mask DLC - Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

During the next exchange, you will receive the famous new Motismart poleYou can then take some great selfies in front of each of the three panels - the photos validate the fact that you've found them. Note that you then have to face Kassis - your future team-mate - before wandering through the rice paddies and other landscapes.

In the following sections, we'll show you where each sign is located. The order we have established is importantYou'll have to discover them in this timeline as the main story progresses. So you can't go straight to each sign without progressing through the adventure at the same time.

Location of the first sign

Your journey through Septentria will take you first to the west of Jaderaude. The first sign is in the north-western part of the Adorami Park. You shouldn't have any trouble stumbling across it if you follow the dirt track; turn right when you come to a fork in the road. On this sign you can read about the exploits of Félicanis, Favianos and Fortusimia, the three Adoramis. Find out how to capture them, please refer to our dedicated guide.

Location of the first sign - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon

The text on panel 1 reads as follows: " A long, long time ago, a monster terrorised Septentria. It lived in the mountain behind the village and frightened anyone who entered its territory. One day, the Monster was seized by a savage fury and attacked the village. Three Pokémon sprang up to oppose it: Félicanis, Fortusimia and Favianos. They managed to drive the Monster back to the mountain, but at the risk of their own lives. To honour their heroic courage, the village dubbed them "the Adoramis". Three statues were erected where their remains were buried.

Location of the second sign

Once you've taken your best selfie in front of the previous sign, take the road towards Septemplion. You need to go to the upper part of the town, taking the stairs. The second sign is near a wooden structure protecting a tablenot far from the edge of the cliff. This time you'll get information about the various masks in Ogerpon.

Location of the second sign - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon

The text on panel 2 reads as follows: " The Monster was in possession of four shiny masks shrouded in mystery. Each mask seemed to give a different power to his club-like weapon. The turquoise mask enabled him to bring vegetation back to life. The red mask could turn the flame of a candle into a blazing inferno. The blue mask allowed him to stop the flow of rivers. And the ash mask gave him the strength to shatter the hardest rock. Before perishing, the Adoramis took three of the masks, which weakened the Monster.

Location of the third sign

As we explained above, you won't be looking for all the signs in a row. While this was the case with signs 1 and 2, this time you'll have to complete several tasks first. We won't say any more to let you enjoy the story to the full.

In order to take a photo of the third and final sign, you need to travel to the north-western tip of Septentria, in la Lande de la Quiétude. The sign is in the mountains.

Location of the third sign - The Turquoise Mask - Pokémon

The text on panel 3 reads as follows: " Anyone venturing out of the village at dusk: beware! If you see a shadow, quickly hide your face behind a mask. Is it the Monster or a human being? It doesn't matter. With your faces hidden, you can pass each other without having to worry about your respective identities. If you don't have a mask then, pray that the shadow isn't actually the Monster. A simple human being will pass by, and you'll know not to forget your mask! But if it is the Monster, you'll suffer the fate reserved for anyone who crosses his path... He'll suck out your soul and you'll never see the village lights again.

Complete the Septentria orienteering race

Contrary to what you might expect, the third photo won't be enough to complete this quest. You still have an important mission to complete: recover the Masks of Ogerpon. Once you have completed this task, you can return to the Intendant and end the main scenario, and therefore the orienteering race.