How do you evolve Leboulérou in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet?

Like any good Pokémon trainer, you will probably want to complete the Pokémon Violet and Scarlet Pokédex. To achieve your goal, you will need to collect Berasca. In this guide, we explain how to develop Leboulérou to get that famous Psy/Insect Pokémon.

Evolving Leboulérou into Berasca

The vast majority of Pokémon evolve in the same way, namely by reaching a specific level. To evolve Leboulérou in BerascaThe process is quite different. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, go to the marshland south-east of Paldea. This is a necessary condition for evolution.
Go to the Paldea marsh to evolve Leboulérou
  • Then, get your Leboulérou out of its Poké Ball, so that it follows you when you move.
  • You should then walk for about 2 to 3 minutes, so that it accumulates a total of 1000 steps in the marsh.

In order not to waste time during your walk, we recommend that you avoid areas that are too populated with wild Pokémon. By doing so, you will avoid automatic battles as much as possible and you will save a few seconds. On the other hand, don't move too quickly and don't stray too far, at the risk of Leboulérou returning to its Poké Ball.

Léboulérou has to walk 1000 steps in the marsh to evolve
  • Finally, make him gain a levelalways out of his Poké Ball.

The leveling stage is the most important part of the complex of the process. At this stage, there are several methods to achieve the evolution of Leboulérou. You can leave it attack Pokémon in automatic battlesThe downside is that it will have to be strong enough to defeat the Pokémon. The disadvantage is that it will have to be strong enough to defeat said Pokémon. However, with a high level, it may have to fight a large number of opponents to gain enough experience and level-up. This can be a long process.

The other technique is to give him a Super Candy or Exp.always when it is out of the Poké Ball. Remember to save just before you give it the treat. If it doesn't evolve, it's because you didn't take enough steps. Reload your game and walk around a bit more, before trying to evolve it again.