How to unlock 6 and 7 star raids - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

As experienced trainers know, the most interesting activity once the story of a Pokémon game is over is the raids! In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we therefore find the Raid TéracristalA 4 player battle against original, powerful or rare Pokémon. The most interesting raids are those with a difficulty from 6 to 7 starsThey are only available if you unlock them.

Unlocking 6 and 7 star raids

To unlock the 6 and 7 star raids, you will need to complete the main quest and more. First, you will have to defeat all of the arena champions as well as the Pokémon League. You will then have to defeat all 5 Dominant Pokémon as well as Pepper at the South Zone Lighthouse in Paldea. You must also stop the plans of Team Star attacking the 5 bases and beating their leader.

Once you have completed the three main quests in the game, you are halfway there. You will now have to go to the Zero Zone and put an end to the actions of the big bad who hides there (we won't give you the name to avoid spoiling you). You will then see the end credits.

The next step is to defeat all Arena Champions again on behalf of Alisma, who wants to do an inspection. The Champions will have much more powerful Pokémon than when you first met them, so be very careful.

Once you've done all that, cheer up, there's only one more event left! On your way to the Academy, you can participate in a tournament between students and teachers. Win all four battles and that's it. Professor Jacq will contact you to let you know that you (finally) have access to the 6 and 7 star raids.

How to find and participate in 6 and 7 star raids

Once you've unlocked the raids, don't worry, it's very easy to launch one! You can either go through the Poké-Portal and check that online raids are available, or go to the various Teracristals in Paldea.

The more a crystal has a pronounced auraThe higher the level of difficulty, the more difficult it is. So look for the largest columns of light on the horizon and find the crystals that emit this light.

Sometimes special events will take place over a few days. The developers will indeed offer you to face new PokémonThese are events that are not available in the original game or have talents that are impossible to have in normal play. To spot these events when they are available, raid icons glow on your Paldea map. Crystal auras are also multi-coloured. And these are often 7-star raids for the rarest Pokémon (such as Legendaries or the shinys).

You can keep up to date with current special raids via the online mode news page. At the time of writing this guide, special raids to capture Firecracker will arrive from 15 to 18 December 2022.