Capturing Terapagos in The Indigo Disc - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In the first volume of the DLC The Buried Treasure of the Zero Zone of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you can capture Ogerpon. The second volume, The Indigo Discallows you to catch Terapagosa mysterious Pokémon. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps you need to take to get there.

Fight Council 4 and the League Master

A new Council 4 makes its appearance in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet with the Indigo Disc DLC.

To have a chance of facing Terapagos, you must first defeat Council 4, as well as Kassis, the Master of the Blueberry League. For more information on this subject, please refer to the following guides:

Once this is done, you can move on to the next section.

Joining the Zero Abyss

After your battle with Kassis, Bria asks you to join her in the Classroom 1-4. Open the Menu Terra-Dôme and enter the room. Once there, speak to Alisma to get the Indigo Disc. It's a useful item that you can use in the Zero Zone.

Alisma gives you an Indigo Disc in the Institut Myrtille classroom.

Then, head for the main entrance to the Institut Myrtille. Bria is waiting for you there to head off to Zone Zero in the company of Kassis and Roseille. Be sure to bring potions and other useful equipment.

At this stage, you need to go to Observation Post 4 and reach Laboratory Zero. Thanks to the Indigo Disk, you can unlock the closed airlock blocking your path.

Battle Stellar Pokémon

Crystal flowers block your path in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's Zero Abyss

Enter the building and take the lift. You are now in the Zero Abyss. You are soon faced with a crystal flowerYou have to destroy them to keep moving forward. To do this, you'll need to defeat a Star Pokémon nearby. In fact, you'll need to repeat this step several times to reach your goal.

The Stellar type is a new type added with this DLC. If a Pokémon has this Teratype and it teracrystallises, it gains one STAB for the abilities of the other types.

Here is the list of Star Pokémon encountered on your journey:

  • 1- Floréclat - Level 78 - Rock and Poison types. Choose ground or psy attacks such as Earthquake or Psyko.
  • 2 - Bruyverne - Level 78 - Flight and Dragon types. Choose Ice or Dragon attacks such as Blizzard or Draco-Shock.
  • 3 (if Violet version) - Pelage-Sablé - Level 79 - Electrik and Soil type. Choose Plant, Water and Ground attacks such as Giga-Sangsue or Surf.
  • 3 (if Scarlet version) - Epine-de-Fer - Level 79 - Rock and Electrik type. Choose Plant, Water and Soil attacks such as Giga-Sangsue or Surf.
  • 4 - Gigansel - Level 80 - Rock types. Choose ground attacks such as Earthquake or Piezol.

Now that you've defeated the last of the Star Pokémon, you're off to take on Terapagos. Keep up the momentum and follow Kassis into the next room.

Confront and Capture Terapagos

The battle against Terapagos takes place in two stages. First you face the Téracristal form1-on-1, before taking on the Stellar form2 against 1.

Teracrystal shape
Talent: Tera-Shell
Level 85

Terapagos Teracristal shape

Terapagos attack Psykoud'Boul (Psy type)
Vibraqua (Water type)
Telluriforce (Ground type)
Terastral rain (Normal type)

Stellar form
Talent: Teraforming 0
Level 85

Terapagos Stellar Form

Fight the Teracristal Form

As soon as the battle begins, Terapagos changes from his normal form to Teracrystal Form. He then possesses the Téra-Carapace talentThis means that as long as your HP is at its maximum, all the abilities you use are not very effective.

The combat is a little complex at first, but you should soon be able to defeat it. Use Combat-type attacks or poison attacks.

Once it's knocked out, Terapagos escapes the Master Ball in which Kassis tried to lock him up. The final confrontation begins.

Fight the Stellar Form

This form is much more complex to beat, not least because Terapagos generates three shields. The first shield appears at the start of the fight, and the next two will follow. when its PVs fall to around 70% and 40%. To rebuild these two shields, it absorbs your Pokémon's teracrystal energy. If it was in teracrystallised form, it loses it.

Note that if you want to use your Pokémon's Teracrystal Form, you'll first need to cast a few attacks to charge your Teracrystal Orb, just like in a Raid.

What's more, Stellar Terapagos changes Type with each new shield. Initially, he is of Normal type. Then it becomes Psy and will be Water at the end of the fight. You'll need to adapt your team accordingly. You'll need Combat attacks, Spectre or Darkness attacks and Plant attacks.

Once you've reduced its health points sufficiently, you can send a ball of your choice to capture it. That's all for this guide!