Brome and Team Star Darkness - Solution Part 13 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Continuation of the solution to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Part 13: In this 13th part we'll be tackling Brome and Team Star's Team Darkness, a brand new type of activity in this episode.

In this section we will:

  • Meet Clove
  • Attacking the base of the Dark Star Team
  • Playing Brome, the leader of this camp

If you have followed our solution and the recommended orderYou have just beaten the Vast Sky Dominant and are now at the very west of the map. Go down the mountain by the northern path and, once you are in front of a desert, go west by staying on the green paths. As you approach the next town, you will inevitably come to a huge barricade placed on the road by Team Star. It is of the Segin Group camp.

As you approach the barricade, you will be called by Cassiopeia who will explain her plan to attack Team Star. You will then be joined by Clovea mysterious wandering trainer who seems to want to give you a hand.

So you'll have to team up to defeat these school bullies.

Attacking Team Star's Darkness Base

Before going into battle, we advise you to place your three Pokémon strongest and most effective against the Darkness type at the top of your team. Please note that we are talking about the types of your Pokémon, not their abilities. In Team Star battles, it's the types that matter. So take Fighting, Fairy and Bug type Pokémon. These Pokémon must at least level 20Otherwise you may have difficulties.

To launch the assault, you will need to talk to the henchman guarding the entrance and defeat him in a regular fight. He has a Cornelius level 19.

Once this henchman is defeated, you are in the base and the rules of the game change. You won't be fighting regular battles here, but you will have to beat 30 opponents in less than 10 minutes using the "Forward" function

Move around the base from minion group to minion group. They'll throw their Pokémon all at once, so you can beat them simultaneously. During a base assault, you can release your first 3 Pokémon with the "Forward" functionSo don't hesitate to attack as a group too.

If any of your Pokémon are too injured to fight, there are vending machines at the edge of the field that can restore them to health.

Brome, the leader of Team Star's Dark Team

Once you've defeated all his henchmen, the leader of the Dark Team will be forced to show up and challenge you. This is Brome, a DJ apprentice who is far less taciturn than his type would suggest. To stop Team Star's actions in this area, you'll have to beat him!

Pay attention to his Starmobile. Even though it is a Vrombotor in appearance, it is indeed of the Darkness type.

Brome and the Team Star Darkness Team - Solution Part 13 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0624 Scalpion 0 minia -


Level : 21
Types : Darkness / Steel

Brome and the Team Star Darkness Team - Solution Part 13 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet - mandatory pokemon scarlet violet guide 0970 Vrombotor 0 minia -


Level : 20
Type : Darkness

Once Brome is defeated, you will learn a little more about Team Star. Get out of the base and Cassiopeia's assistant, PaniaYou will be given League Points, items to make TCs and told that the TC machine now contains new attacks.