Amphinobi to be the Pokémon of the next Teracristal raid in Violet and Scarlet

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet have introduced new raid types, called teracrist raids. These offer you an opportunity to acquire particularly rare Pokémon with unusual types. During the next 7 star raidyou will be able to confront and capture an AmphinobiPoison type.

Teracrist raids include different levels of difficultyrepresented by stars. The higher the number, the more complex the fight. At present, these are 6 and 7 star raids which provide access to the most interesting Pokémon. However, you will need to complete a long quest to unlock them. If you are interested in this, please refer to our guide to raids 6 and 7 stars. To participate in a teracristal raid, you can simply open the Poké-Portal and access the specific tab.

New raids of this level are regularly implemented in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet. After Pyrobut, the next Pokémon 7 star level is none other than that Amphinobi. It will have two special features: the Teracrist Poison type, and the Powerful Badge.

This raid will be available over two periods: 27-29 January and 10-12 February. This is a valuable opportunity to get this Pokémon, which is not normally available in the Paldea region.

Amphinobi, the next Pokémon in the 7 Star Raid

Amphinobi is Water and Darknessand in this raid he will also have access to the Type Teracristal Poison. To take it down, you'll need a Pokémon that is resistant to these types, while still being able to inflict significant damage. To do this, you'll need to use Ground and Psy attacks.

While it is difficult to predict the attacks of this Amphinobi, we have selected a few Pokémon that appear relevant to this battle:

  • Pre-dastery - Type: Poison/Water. It should resist well to your opponent's blows. Moreover, he has the possibility to learn the CT Mud ShotA Sol attack.
  • Tritosor - Type: Water/Ground. With these two types, it will not take too much damage, and will already have Ground attacks, including Earth Power. In addition, he can learn others via the TCs, such as Bulldoze or Mud Shot.