Palworld spheres: types, manufacture and components

The world of Palworld invites you to become a real Pals hunter. To get your hands on all these creatures, you need to buy Spheresa tool used to capture them. If it's possible to find some on the ground, the best way to keep a few aside is to make them yourself. We explain everything you need to know in this guide.

What are the Spheres for?

The mysterious island of Palworld is inhabited by creatures known as Pals. Just as Pokémon can be captured in The Pokémon Company titles, these Pals can be caught. They are useful for combat, but also for developing your other activities, such as producing weapons or food resources.

Spheres are used to capture Pals

Where players use Poké Balls to capture Pokémon, they use Spheres to encapsulate Pals. In total, there are six different types of Spherewhich are distinguished by their level of rarity and, above all, their capture efficiency.

The different types of Sphere

As mentioned above, you can use various types of Spheres to capture the Pals. While the basic Sphere will be most useful at the start of the game, the Ultra Spheres and Legendary Spheres will become essential when it comes to catching the rarest Pals and the most powerful ones. complete the Paldeck.

The Sphere of Pal

Pal's sphere - Palworld

The Pal Sphere is the basic sphere you get at the start of the game. It allows you to capture low-level Pals like Lamball, Chikipi or Cattiva almost certainly - provided you've weakened them sufficiently - but is quickly ineffective against more powerful creatures. Note that you still need achieve technology level 2 and unlock the recipe for 1 point.

The Mega Sphere

Mega Sphere - Palworld

The Mega Sphere is similar to the Pal Sphere, but is more effective against slightly higher-level Pals. It will also allow you to capture the weakest Pals for sure. To access this Sphere, you need to reach technology level 14 and unlock the recipe for 2 points.

The Giga Sphere

Giga Sphere - Palworld

It's worth using Giga Spheres when you're up against even stronger Pals, or when you want to get your hands on weaker Pals more easily. To make them, you'll first need to reach technology level 20 and unlock the recipe for 3 points.

The Tera Sphere

Tera Sphere - Palworld

With Tera Spheres, you have a reliable and highly effective tool for capturing top-of-the-range Pals such as Katress or Sibelyx. However, they are only available if you have reached the level of technology 27 and that you bought the recipe for 3 points.

The Ultra Sphere

Ultra Sphere - Palworld

Once you're well advanced in the game, it's time to use the Ultra Spheres. These are effective at capturing all lower-level Pals, and have a high capture rate, even for the most powerful Pals. The recipe can be unlocked at technology level 35 against 4 points.

The Legendary Sphere

Legendary sphere - Palworld

This sphere is comparable to a Master Ball in Pokémon. It allows you to capture extremely powerful and rare Pals without too much risk of failure, such as Necromus or Lyleen. If you're desperate to get your hands on a specific creature, this could be the right option. Before you can take advantage of its effectiveness, you'll need to be a little patient, as you'll need to be at technology level 44. Access to the recipe will cost you 5 points.

How do I make a Sphere?

As we mentioned in the previous section, you need to unlock sphere recipes so that you can make them yourself. They can be obtained by exchanging technology points in the Technologies tab.

To create your very first Spheres of Palyou'll have need for a makeshift workbench. It is available from level 2 and requires 2 Woods to build. Place it in your camp and gather the ingredients you need to build it. You will find the list in the next section. Once this is done, go to the workbench, select the recipe and click on Start production.

Use the makeshift workbench to create spheres of palm

The process is similar for the other types of Sphere. However, you will need to unlock Workbench for spheresan improved version of the basic one, and even Spheres I and II production chains. These technologies will enable you to produce very large quantities of Spheres very quickly.

Recipes and list of components for Palworld Spheres

Each Sphere requires a certain number of components, which are more or less easy to obtain. Here is the list of all the components needed for production the different types of Spheres :

  • Basic spheres
    • 1 Burst of Paldium
    • 5 Timber
    • 5 Pierre
  • Mega Spheres
    • 2 Paldium Radiance
    • 1 Ingot
    • 7 Timber
    • 7 Pierre
  • Giga Spheres
    • 3 Éclat de Paldium
    • 3 Ingot
    • 10 Timber
    • 10 Pierre
  • Tera Spheres
    • 5 Éclat de Paldium
    • 5 Metal ingots
    • 12 Timber
    • 2 Cement
  • Ultra Spheres
    • 7 Éclat de Paldium
    • 8 Refined ingot
    • 3 Carbon fibre
    • 3 Cement
  • Legendary Spheres
    • 10 Burst of Paldium
    • 5 Paluminium ingot
    • 5 Carbon fibre
    • 5 Cement

Other methods of obtaining Spheres

If you want to complete the Paldeck, it's essential to create a good supply of Spheres. Making them yourself is an effective method - and certainly the best - but it's not the only way to get them.

As you explore the lands of Palworld, you'll find Spheres as diverse as on the floor than in certain safesespecially in the dungeons. You'll also meet a variety of NPCs on your journey, who will be able to offer you items in exchange for services, or even to help you find your way. sell them to you for 120 gold coins. You can also collect them by eliminating poachers.


As you can imagine, that means you have to be at work... But in Palworld, you can put your Pals to work for you to make your life easier.

Here, it's Vixy we're interested in. This little Pal has the partner skill "Dig Here! When assigned to the Ranch, it can sometimes dig up objectsSpheres in particular. Of course, this won't allow you to produce astronomical quantities, but it's always worth it. Especially if you multiply the number of Vixy!

That's all for this guide. You now have all you need to know about the Palworld Spheres. Now it's your turn to play! Will you manage to capture them all?