Palworld merchants: Peddlers, Pals sellers, Smugglers

In PalworldTo get treatment, buy cake, obtain weapons and even Pals, quickly and effortlessly, you need to get hold of merchants. As you explore the archipelago, you'll find des Colporteurs, des Vendeurs de Pals and the SmugglersThere are a number of different brands that stand out from the crowd in terms of their activities and the content of their shops. We explain everything you need to know about them.

The different types of Palworld Merchants

Not all Palworld merchants buy or sell the same things. Some specialise in buying and selling resources, while others focus on Pals.

Les Colporteurs

There's a pedlar in the Hamlet in Palworld
Example of resources sold by a Pedlar in Palworld

Colporteurs are very basic salespeople. They sell mainly resourcessuch as bones, milk, eggs and consumables - such as medicines - but they also sell a whole host of construction recipes as well as weapons and ammunition.

A permanent hawker always sells the same productsBut depending on where you go, the contents of their shops may vary. Note also that some sellers offer more upmarket items than others.

If you want to stock up on gold coins, these are invaluable allies, as you can also sell them anything you don't need.

The Merchants of Pals

There is a Pals Seller in the Hamlet in Palworld
Palworld merchants: Hawkers, Palsellers, Smugglers - mandatory palworld merchants guide palseller example 02 -

As its name suggests, a merchant from Pals vend des Pals. They are recognisable by their blue tunics. The Pals in their shop aren't particularly rare, but it's always a good way to pick up one or two creatures you might need in order to reproduction for example.

Shop contents varies from seller to sellerIt will even be different each time you return to a particular merchant. What's more, you can force the renewal of the shopThis can be done either by using a quick trip and returning to the same location, or by recharging your game.

As well as selling Pals, Pals merchants will buy any you no longer use. It is possible to sell them your team's pals, as well as those stored in the Palbox. We strongly recommend that you clean out your box regularly to save a few coins and space.

The Smugglers

There's a Smuggler hidden in the abandoned Galleries in Palworld
Example of Pals sold by a Smuggler in Palworld

Smugglers have a very special aspectIf you come across one, you won't go far wrong. These outlaws are similar to Palsellers, except that they sell rare or even endangered Pals. So it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to do business with them.

These sellers are therefore offering attractive Pals, such as Warsect, Lunaris, Penking or Chilletto name but a few. Each offers different creatures, and as with the classic Pals seller, the content varies from visit to visit. Here too, you can force the shop to be renewed.

As well as selling Pals, Smugglers can also redeem yours.

Where can I find merchants in Palworld?

You'll find pedlars and palsellers all over the archipelago, including in residential areas. In this case, they are always present in the same buildings. For example, you'll find a Pedlar in the Hamlet, in 76, -474at the end of the village. The Pals Vendor in the hamlet is in 78, -481in a higher shelter. Some of these merchants here and there in the various regions. If one of them approaches your camp, you'll be notified with a message that says "someone is approaching.

Find the Smuggler of the Abandoned Galleries

As for SmugglersThe story is a little different. They are relatively well hidden - because their activities aren't exactly legal - and it can be a bit tricky to get hold of them. Note that Smugglers can be found always in a fixed location. In other words, when you find one, remember to mark it on the map so that you can find it more easily in the future. It's also possible to capture them and bring them back to your base, but we'll talk more about that in the next section.

We suggest you follow our instructions for reach the Smuggler hiding in the abandoned Galleries so you can make the most of these goods quickly. It's relatively simple and accessible even to novice players. Here are the steps:

  • Use the quick trip to the disused church, located in 63, -416,
  • Head diagonally towards the edge of the cliff until you reach the top. 36, -425,
  • Drop down the cliff or use the paraglider to break your fall,
  • Enter the abandoned mine in 35, -421,
  • Stay on course until you reach the Smuggler's Room. Make sure you have plenty of light.
From the fast-travelling statue, head towards the red trees.
63, -416
Climb down the cliff when you see this tree
36, -425
Go to the right until you reach the entrance to the abandoned galleries.
35, -421

Capturing a Pal Vendor or Smuggler

In Palworld, you can capture Pals, but also NPCs. Yes, you read that right. Whether it's one merchant or another, or even an ordinary character, you can encapsulate individuals just as you would wild Pals. In fact, the process is identical.

You may be wondering why you should capture a Pals merchant, but the answer is simple: it'll make your life easier! Once captured, a Vendor or Smuggler can be assigned to the camp.. So you can buy and sell Pals effortlessly. What's more, when you return him to the Palbox and assign him to the camp again, the contents of his shop change.

Nevertheless, capturing a seller is not easyOn the contrary. There's a good chance you'll have to try twice, but don't despair. To maximise your chances of success, you'll need a good amount of health points, enough to defend yourself and, above all, some really good Spheres. We recommend allow for a few Tera Spheres.

Once you have chosen the merchant you are interested in, attack him. At this point, guards will appear to protect him. You must reduce the merchant's life as much as possible while avoiding their attacks. When its health is low, cast your Sphere. Repeat the process if necessary.

Back in your camp, head for the Palbox and the select the seller to assign him to the camp. And that's it! Now you have your own shop at home.