Palworld's Arena mode unveiled in video

Pocket Pair recently unveiled a much-anticipated feature for players of Palworldwhich is none other than Arena mode. Get ready for fight alongside your Pals to become the best Dresseur in the archipelago and beyond!

Arena mode may be coming soon

In the Palword roadmappublished last January, we learned that Pocketpair was planning to add Boss Raids over the course of the year, as well as a PvP mode. A few days ago, raids are availableand the most seasoned players can already get to grips with it. at the new Pal named Bellanoirand its alternative form, Bellanoir Libero.

After this welcome addition, the studio is already planning to roll out another feature that players have been raving about, namely arena PvP, or Arena mode. It was presented very briefly in a video on the occasion of the first The Triple-i Initiative.

Players who open the gates to the battlefield will take part in 3-on-3 duels (to the death?). Not only will the Pals be attacking each other, but also the players will be an integral part of the confrontation. Apart from that, we don't know much more about how these meetings between Trainers work.

As far as the release date is concerned, we'll have to be patient; well, maybe not for long... In the trailer published on the game's networks, there was mention of Summer 2024. Nevertheless, it was an errorThe studio was quick to make a correction, stating that "The teams are working hard to get Arena mode out as quickly as possible". So Arena mode could be coming much sooner than expected!

A mode that could bring players back?

Within days of its release, Palworld became a worldwide phenomenon. On 27 January, two weeks later, the title entered Steam's history books with over 2,100,000 simultaneous playerspicking up second place in the rankingsjust behind PUBG. And a month later, almost 25,000,000 playersThe game is available in both PC and console libraries.

Unfortunately for the studio, the hype has died downThis is almost as fast as it went up. According to SteamDB, the peak recorded in February was 1,359,957 players, i.e. a loss of 35.3%. In March, the situation did not improve, quite the contrary, since the peak was reached with only 273 2024 players, i.e. a loss of 80% compared with the previous month.

The hype surrounding Palworld has died down since the all-time peak.

However, the game is not death. There are always nearly 80,000 active players on the servers. Palworld even occupies 14th place in the ranking of the most-played titles at the moment. With Arena, some trainers - perhaps tired of wandering the archipelago from one end to the other with no real objective - might want to relaunch their game, but to find out for sure, we'll have to wait until the mode is released.

Knowing that Pocket Pair has a huge update planned for the summerWith a new island, a new type of Pal, more buildings and new weapons, even more players are likely to return to this period.