Reproduction in Palworld (Ranch, Incubator, Cake)

The island of Palworld is populated by Pals that you can capture. However, these wild creatures don't always have the best stats or the best skills. Thanks to reproduction, it is possible to generate perfect PalsThey can be used for combat, farming or any other form of work.

Why reproduce?

Breeding is one of the most interesting activities at Palworld. By mating two Pals, you can obtain unique subspecies and discover new creatures. However, the main advantage of reproduction is that you can transmit special featuressuch as Courier or Lucky, to their offspring. This can be an excellent way of acquiring super-powered Battle Pals, faster-than-normal mounts or hyper-efficient workers.

Unlocking the Ranch and Incubators

Before going into more detail, it is important to mention the following Ranch and IncubatorsYou'll need both technologies for mating and for managing the resulting eggs.

You need a Ranch to breed in Palworld

The Incubator

  • Accessible at technology level 7
  • Unlocked with antique dots
  • Recipe: 10 Shards of Paldium, 30 Stone, 5 Cloth, 2 Piece of an ancient civilisation

Le Ranch

  • Accessible at technology level 19
  • Unlocked with basic points
  • Recipe: 100 Wood, 50 Fibre and 20 Stone

Caution, the Ranch is a (very) imposing building. Include a dedicated space in your architectural plans when choosing a location for your camp. It is also important to position the Ranch on level groundIf you don't, you may find it difficult to retrieve the eggs, which can sometimes get stuck below the surface.

How reproduction works

Reproduction involves a hidden score Reproductive power. Each Pal species has its own score. When you pair two Pals during a reproduction, the offspring is determined by averaging the scores of the parents.

Steps to follow

To make a reproduction, you need two Pals, one male and one female. You can check the gender of your Pals on their character sheet. Note that they don't have to be the same species. We strongly advise you to select your Parents for their special traits.

  • When you have both parents, move them around the Ranch. To do this, lift them up and drop them using the F button.
  • Next, you must place a cake in the boxwhich is located at the entrance to the Ranch. This is an unavoidable condition.

At this stage, you can check on the progress of the reproduction by approaching the Ranch. When mating is complete, an egg falls to the ground. Pick it up put it in an incubator. You can collect the baby a little later. When you hatch it, it will be sent directly to you. in your Palbox.

Making cakes in Palworld

Cake recipe in Palworld

You will have understood, the cake is a central element in reproductionYou have to provide a pastry to obtain an egg. It's quite a difficult resource to crack, because it requires a lot of time and several resources.

You must also unblocking the pot (at technology level 17) to cook and build one. To do this, you need 20 Woods, 15 Ingots and 3 Flame Organs.

The recipe for the cake is available directly from the cooking pot menu, as are many other dishes. To make 1 cakeYou'll need the following ingredients:

  • x5 Flour
  • x8 Red berry
  • x7 Milk
  • x8 Egg
  • x2 Honey

If you're going to be making reproductions on a regular basis, we'd advise you to buy several precise Pals to help you produce your cakes. Caprity will supply you with the red berries, Mozzarinamilk, Chikipieggs and Beegarde honey. You need to assign them to the farm to take advantage of their respective liabilities. As for Flour, you have to plant wheat, then process it using a Grinder. You can also buy ready-made cakes by capturing or killing Lovanders.

Fusion and subspecies of Pals

As mentioned above, it is possible to create subspecies of Pals through breeding. To be more precise, a subspecies is an alternative version of an existing Pal. The two are distinguished by their type.

Palworld subspecies. All fusion combinations.

Obtaining these atypical Pals, such as Mossando Lux, Ice Kingpaca or Frostiallion Noct involves some very specific fusions. If you'd like to find out more, we've covered the subject in the Subspecies and Mergers guide in Palworld.

Other methods for obtaining eggs

Breeding is the most effective way of acquiring eggs in large quantities. If you're not interested in this activity or don't have the necessary skills, you can still acquire eggs in two other ways. They can be found just about anywhere in nature, in the nests of wild Palsas well as in safes. Don't hesitate to inspect both when you see them.