Capturing Pals in Palworld

Capturing the Pals is undoubtedly the main activity of Palworld. Not only can tame Pals accompany you into battle, but they can also help you with your most menial tasks. There are currently just over a hundred creatures to capture to complete the Paldeckthe equivalent of the Pokédex in Pokémon. We explain everything you need to know to capture them all.

Why capture Pals?

Palworld is a survival and adventure game that invites you to capture Palsthe creatures that inhabit the mysterious island you wake up on at the start of the game. Very quickly, the game asks you to catch your first Pal, but to what end? The most obvious reason why it's imperative to capture Pals is that to survive, you're going to have to fight! And to do that, you need to put together a team of fighters.

In fact, when you catch Pals, you can assign them to your team, so that you can follow you on all your adventuresJust like in Pokémon. You can use your tamed Pals to bring down a wild Pal attacking your camp, or to weaken a target before capturing it, or to take down a dungeon boss or defeat the henchmen of different factions. What's more, some Pals are very handy mounts for getting around more quickly!

Some Pals are mounts
You can assign Pals to your camp.

To a lesser extent, capture allows you to gain experience - what's needed to progress in the game - as well as itemsThese include food resources, as you don't need to eliminate a Pal to receive such rewards.

As mentioned, you can assign the Pals to your team, but you can also choose to send them to fields or other tasks in your database. This is the other major advantage of capture. Since each Pal has special skills, they can prove useful in developing your activities, particularly farming or construction.

Making Pal Spheres

Pal's sphere - Palworld

Where you use Poké Balls to capture Pokémon, you use Spheres to encapsulate the Pals. It is necessary to unlock sphere recipes if you want to make them yourself. To do so, go to the Technologies menu. What we're interested in here are the Pal Spheres, the most basic spheres in the game. The recipe is available from technology level 2 and costs just 1 point.

Use the makeshift workbench to create spheres of palm

To create your very first Pal Spheres, you will need need for a makeshift workbench. It is also available from level 2 and upwards. requires 2 Wood to be built. When you have the necessary resources, open the construction menu, select the workbench and place it in your camp.

Now you need to assemble the components needed to make the spheres. To make a sphere, you need : 1 shard of Paldium, 5 woods and 5 stones. Then go to the workbench, select the recipe and click on Start production.

Later, you can even ask your Pals to do this step for you!

Capturing your first Pal

Capture works with a capture probability system. The higher the success percentage, the greater the chance of successfully capturing your target.

Spheres are used to capture Pals

Before tackling the dungeons or expanding your camp over several hectares, you must first capture your first Pal. Don't go looking for imposing Pals just yet, make do with a Lamball or a Chikipi. You should find them all over the starting area.

Use the weapons at your disposal - a pickaxe or wooden bat, for example - to weaken your target. Beware, the last thing you want to do is knock her outOtherwise, you won't be able to capture it. When its HP is low enough, press the Q key to release a sphere. The percentage of success is visible on the Pal when you target it and hold down the Q key. If the percentage is too low, we recommend that you continue fighting.

When it feels right, release the Q button to throw your ball. The Pal becomes encapsulated. At this stage, it's not over: it still has a chance to escape. Keep an eye on what's happening. If the capture is successful, a notification will appear on the screen. Congratulations! You've got your first Pal.

Increase the probability of capture

As mentioned above, capture works with a probability of capture. To give yourself the best chance of making your next capture, you can use these tips.

First of all, you get a bonus if you catch your target on the back foot. When the fight is already underway, don't hesitate to use one of your Pals to distract him, and take the opportunity to get around him. Note that if the Pal you're interested in is asleep, it's best not to wake him up. Simply go round to get the bonus. At worst, if it doesn't work, you can always try again after weakening it.

But beware of the Pals involved in the fight! When you fight a wild Pal with your own Pals, there's a risk that they'll end up knocking it out if you don't stop them. For this reason, we recommend that you recall your creatures or order them to stop attacking the targetIf necessary, finish the job with your weapons. If necessary, finish the job with your weapons.

Ultra Sphere - Palworld
Ultra Sphere

If the target in question is a high-level Pal, then obviously the Pal Sphere will be ineffective. When you're looking to capture more powerful Pals such as Vanwyrm or Blazamut, you'll need to use more efficient Spheres.

For those mentioned, it would be appropriate to use Tera Spheres or even Ultra Spheres. Find out more, Please refer to our guide to Sphere types in Palworld.

Finally, it is possible to improve your Capture Force directly, thanks to the Statuettes of Lifmunk and the Statue of Power. All the information you need is available in our guide: Capture Force and Statue of Power.

Other methods of obtaining Pals

We'll finish this guide with a quick look at a few other methods that will enable you to acquire Pals without going through the capture process.

As you explore the lands of Palworld, you'll come across many NPCs, some of whom are des Marchands. Sometimes they offer to buy Pals. It's even possible to find some very rare Pals this way.

Another way of obtaining Pals, without combat or spheres, involves joining a multiplayer game. It will then be possible to exchange Pals with other playersThis can be done by placing a sphere on the ground or by using the Palbox. In future, there should be a real exchange system in Palworld.

Finally, you can complete the Paldeck by becoming a master in the art of reproduction. Pals breeding allows you to acquire special Pals through eggs, such as Mossanda Lux or Jolthog Cryst. The former is the result of a fusion between Grizzbolt and Mossanda, while the latter is the result of a fusion between Pengullet and Jolthog.

Now you're ready to capture all the Pals in Palworld. Now all you have to do is set off on your adventure. Enjoy the game!