Enrichment capsule for Pal in Palworld

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about how the the Enrichment Capsule for Palthe ancient technology that lets you improve your Pals in Palworld. Be prepared to sacrifice some of your companions.

What is the Pals' enrichment?

Each Pal has its own partner skill. When you capture one, this skill is always at the lowest rank. While a Pal's general level increases as it gains experience, its partner skill does not. It is therefore necessary to use the Enrichment Capsule for Pal. To put it simply, enrichment is a form of improving Pals by sacrificing other Pals. This process improves a Pal's partner skills, his statistics and even his work capacity.

Improving a Pal in Palworld

To survive in Palworld, you need to upgrade your Pals. By doing so, you'll get more efficient workers, as well as fighters more effective. There are two ways of doing this, in addition to reproductionIf you don't want to get rich, you'll have to go through the Statue of Power.

Using the enrichment capsule

All partner skills have five distinct ranks From basic rank to four-star rank. To check the rank of a Pal's skill, open his character sheet and look at the number of stars under his name/level. As mentioned above, it is possible to improve this ranking through enrichment. To do this, you need to use the Enrichment Capsule for Pal.

Icon - Enrichment capsule for Pal - Palworld
Enrichment capsule for Pal

It's an ancient technology, available from from level 14. To unlock it, you need to pay 2 antique technology points. Here is the list of components needed to build it: 20 Paldium shards, 20 metal ingots and 5 coins from an ancient civilisation.

Improvement is not free. We've already touched on the subject above, but we're now going to look at how it works in more detail. To enrich a Pal, you must sacrifice other Pals of the same species.. For example, if you want to improve a Caprity's partner skill, you have to sacrifice other Caprities. This assumes that you have captured these Pals; it doesn't work by killing them in the wild. Please note, when a Pal is sacrificed for profit, it is lost forever. Remember to check your selection.

To improve a Pal, it doesn't need to be in your team. Simply open the Capsule, select the Pal of interest, then those to be sacrificed and click the button to start the process. The number of Pals required increases with rank.

All in all no less than 116 Pals to reach the 4-star rank :

  • Upgrading skills 1 star Sacrifice 4 Pals,
  • Upgrading skills 2 stars Sacrifice 16 Pals,
  • Upgrading skills 3 stars Sacrifice 32 Pals,
  • Upgrading skills 4 stars Sacrifice 64 Pals,

Note that with each level gain, the statistics gain a bonus of 5%, i.e. 20% at the last rank. In addition, when the skill reaches rank 4 stars, work capacity of the Pal also gain a level. This method makes it possible to have abilities at level 5.

Using the Statue of Power

It's a fact that enrichment is very useful for improving Pals. However, you won't always have identical Pals available to use the Capsule. What's more, this technology is particularly interesting if you're looking to improve a Pal's partner skill. As far as these stats are concerned, give preference to the Statue of Power.

With this other technology, you have the possibility of increasing Max Health, Attack, Defence and even Work Speed a Pal. Enough to create quality workers! Unsurprisingly, upgrading isn't free. There's no need to sacrifice Pals here, you'll get Pals' need for souls. For more information on this subject, please refer to our guide to types of soul and how to use them.

Use Pal's souls to increase the stats of a creature with a power statue.