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Wylde beats Mandatory – VRL France Match 7

This penultimate match of the split against Wylde did not have much at stake. That's perhaps why this match had more of a showmatch feel to it than an official match. Whether it was the maps or the Agents, the picks were rather... exotic.

Final score

Wylde13 Breeze 4
15 Bind 13

Table of VRL scores

The first round on Breeze started badly for Mandatory, to put it mildly. NewZera and Fatiiih picked up our players at the entrance of the sites and our team could not find a solution during their entire attacking phase. At the changeover Wylde were leading 10-2 and it didn't take them many more rounds to close the game.

Once on Bind, the scenario seemed to repeat itself. Mikee Mikee was particularly efficient and Mandatory still couldn't find any solutions in Attack. But once on Defence, the team picked up the pace and got back on track. After being down 10-4, our team made a fantastic comeback, thanks in particular to the excellent 1v3 of HyP and hoppY. But the Attack rounds continued to fail Mandatory, allowing Wylde to win in the end.


Map 1: Breeze

Map 2: Bind