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Vitality wins again against Mandatory - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 17

Today's match was particularly important for both teams, but perhaps even more so for our players. Indeed, the latter were eager to take revenge on the first leg, and moreover, the match will determine whether Mandatory or Vitality would be second. Although our players gave it their all and were excellent, they were unable to win against the bees.

Final score

MDR 11 - 13 Vitality


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP7/15/15101
Portrait of Breach SmallAPO14/17/6154
Portrait of Omen SmallhoppY14/18/11183
Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA21/23/3246
Portrait of ChamberGoaster23/15/2246



Portrait of Killjoy SmallceNder16/19/4193
Portrait Sova SmallBONECOLD21/15/9249
Portrait of Omen SmallbaddyG20/15/21240
Portrait of Jett SmallH1ber19/13/4207
Portrait of Kayo SmallnataNk12/17/13167

Summary of the match

Against the attacking Vitality, our Mandatory players were excellent in this first phase of play. After winning the pistol round, they went wild to prevent their opponents from entering the sites and putting down the spike. Goaster was absolutely monstrous on his Chamber and this defensive phase was a real massacre. By the time half time arrived our players were leading 9-3.

Once they switched to defence, they again won the pistol round. However, this second phase of the game was very difficult for Mandatory. Despite some very good attempts by our players, they were unable to hold off a rampaging BONECOLD. Vitality made a great comeback and won several rounds to finally win the game 13-11.

Best moves

Very good teamplay from MDR




Next match, Tuesday 21st June 2022 at 7pm: Valar Morghulis vs Mandatory.