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Three wins for Mandatory - Week 5 - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

A new week of VCL France 2023This means new opportunities to win. And wins, Mandatory got some! Our players won against 3DMaxbefore undoing Wyldeand finished week 5 in style by beating BLX UTD You will find our summary of the different matches in this article.

Mandatory vs 3D Max (Pearl - Win: 13 - 11)

Victory of Mandatory against 3D MAX - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
Image from VLR.GG

For his first face to face of this fifth week of VCL France, Mandatory faced the players of 3D Max. Like a reminder of the first legThe ten players once again took their places on Pearl. Although HyP and his comrades won this new match with more ease than before, our opponents did not lose out.

Mandatory dominated the beginning of the game. The team is coordinated, gets into the site without too much difficulty to plant the Spike and kAdavra is formidable with his Astra. The gap in the score quickly widened, but 3D Max came back even more determined after his timeout. Ooriime a super ace in round 8, while BaWaN eliminates four players in round 11. At the changeover, our opponents were only two points behind. At this point, the scoreboard read 7-5. In Defence, Mandatory had difficulty in achieving success and found themselves 10-9 down at the end of the nineteenth round. The very end of the game was much better controlled, so that our players took the lead again, before winning 13 to 11.

Mandatory vs Wylde (Bind - Win: 13 - 9)

Mandatory win against Wylde - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
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The first leg against Wylde was a real stompThe second leg was a different story, although Mandatory won again. The return match was quite different, although Mandatory won again.

Overall, the first half was a succession of wins for one side and then the other. At the changeover, it was a perfect tie. Everything changed when Mandatory went to defence. After five straight wins, our team took the lead and soon won 13 to 9.

Goaster is no stranger to this new victory, quite the contrary. During the Attack phase, he accumulated no less than 16 eliminations, including 14 are from duplicatesHe was also very impressive in rounds 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 12. On Defence, he was just as impactful, taking down a total of 12 opponents for only 4 kills. With an average GBA of 406 in Attack and 366 in Defence, it has an overall super GBA of 387. He deserved it his MVP by Flunch title!

Mandatory vs BLX United (Lotus - Win 13 - 11)

Mandatory win against BLX UTD - Second leg - Split 2 - VCL France 2023
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The week ended with a much more complicated match. The players who gave us a hard time were the representatives of BLX United. In the first legThey had already set the pace in the first half, forcing us to come back from a long way behind to get the win.

This return match was a real rematch of the previous one. Once again, all ten players started on Lotus, and once again BLX UTD made us suffer. Even more punishing, our opponents won 9 sets in the first half, one more than in the first game. Passed on in defence, the efforts of Goaster and kAdavra are finally rewarded. Although the developers of Valorant conclude that the curse of 9-3 is only a myth, we want to believe in its existence. Showing a spirit of steel, our players repeated their past feat. After an incredible comeback, they won 13-10. It's the perfect week!

Thanks to their excellent performances this week, HyP, Akumaaaaa, Goaster, TheBigFiz and kAdavra find themselves first overall, tied with Gentle Mates. They will have the opportunity to shine again soon against Valiant. This new return match is scheduled for Saturday 13 May at 8pm.