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TheBigFiz and Babax join Mandatory

The Mandatory team is back and making changes in preparation for the Valorant French Cup ! We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new players and a brand new partner.

Two months ago, we picked up third place in the VRL France at the end of a very eventful Split 2. Since then, we have already announced the departure of two players while we worked behind the scenes to build a new team. Today, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of TheBigFiz and Babax in the Mandatory team.


TheBigFiz and Babax join Mandatory - mandatory team player thebigfiz -

Julien " TheBigFiz "Auberton is a lifelong FPS enthusiast who wanted to try his hand at competition at the launch of Valorant. He put his calm, his cool and above all his talent at the service of BeGenius during the Split 2 of the VRL France. He joins Mandatory as a support.

I'm very happy to join Mandatory, it's the team that impressed me the most during the split 2. After only a few days of trials, I felt totally comfortable and at home. This only bodes well for the future!

TheBigFiz, new Mandatory player
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TheBigFiz and Babax join Mandatory - mandatory team player babax -

Baptiste " Babax "Bertrant is an ultra-positive and smiling player who swears by performance and tryhard. He was a League of Legends player before falling in love with Valorant. He recently won the Valorant Open Tour France with Team Zerance. This smoker is particularly formidable at the controls of Omen and Astra.

With Mandatory I had a huge opportunity that I don't want to waste. I think that with my new teammates, I could exploit my full potential and win against absolutely every team in the VRL. My ambition is to go even further with them, knowing the level of each of us. My goal is to one day play Champions and lift THE trophy of Valorant.

Babax, new player Mandatory
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Our coach menegh is very pleased to welcome and work with our new recruits.

TheBigFiz is the versatile player we needed to fit perfectly with the team's roles. He is able to adapt to any situation with a very large agent pool. He had a great season with BeGenius during the first two splits of this 2022 season thanks to his talent and composure.

Babax is a powerhouse with a strong vocal presence, a fiery player who brings freshness to the game due to his youth. Despite his slight lack of experience at a high level, he is a player who shows great maturity in the game, a lot of ideas and above all a lot of knowledge. He is an excellent support to HyP in the strategic decisions of the team.

menegh, coach of Mandatory
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So our team is complete again and has actually been training for several weeks now. We can't wait to show you the fruits of their labour, but we'll have to wait. You will find the new composition of Mandatory for the French Cup of Valorant 27 October to 11 December.

Flunch, our new partner

To accompany us in this new chapter of our history, we are pleased to announce a new partner: flunch.

Flunch restaurants are friendly places that have been welcoming French people for over 50 years. They perfectly match Mandatory's values, because of their inclusiveness and their appetite for entertainment, while offering popular and quality dishes. By the way, a certain ZeratoR has been sharing his affection for flunch for a few years now...

We look forward to telling you more about this partnership and what it will enable us to organise in the near future.