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If I tell you that he is a monster on Neon and Phoenix, that he runs into the pile to take down his enemies with unparalleled aggression, you think about ? AKUMAAAAA of course! MVP on almost every match won by Mandatory, but also present in the VRL top killers rankingOur player has not finished making us dream.

In this interview, he tells us a little more about himself and his way of playing.

Mandatory: How is the VRL's most consistent MVP?

AKUMAAAAA : Well, good! We're having a good season so far, we have to continue our efforts and we'll see in the playoffs!

Mandatory: You were originally recruited as a Support and Sova player. How come you ended up as a duelist?

AKUMAAAAA : I think I can thank the current game meta and one of the last Valorant updates, in which Jett got nerfed, as well as the release of Chamber. Jett isn't as versatile as she used to be, and Chamber is TOO STRONG for Operators, so we went with duelist + Chamber on many maps. So I took the duelist role.

Mandatory : Today, you are the player with the best ACS in the competition, but also the player who does the most damage per round, and by far the player with the most First Kill in the competition. Where does this aggressiveness in the game come from?

AKUMAAAAA : I think this aggression goes back to the old games I played. I think directly of Battlefield and CSGO, two games where I was always very, very aggressive. I just haven't lost that style of play.

Mandatory: We see you trying the most daring rushes, even when you are already flashed or through the smokes.

AKUMAAAAA : When you have to go, you have to go. My role is to make space for my teammates, so if I'm shaky or if I doubt myself or my decision making, the whole team will be affected.

Then it depends a lot on the moves I'm going to do, but generally it just depends on my vision of the game. Of course, there are some moves that are riskier than others and in those moments I rely a lot more on my reflexes.

Mandatory: How are the trainings going?

AKUMAAAAA : Everything is repeated, repeated and repeated again in training. But that's just the basics of our strategies, because there's always adaptation in the moment during the matches. We all have an idea of a strategy, where we want to finish, the general direction of the round, but the key word is adaptation to the enemy.

Mandatory: Aren't you afraid that the opponents will get used to the fact that you are a tornado and start to take advantage of it to pick you up?

AKUMAAAAA : I don't think about it and I'm not afraid. If I lose my confidence, or if I doubt, I put my teammates down. Anyway, if people adapt, I adapt in return.

Mandatory: Do you prefer to play this role or do you miss playing Sova a bit?

AKUMAAAAA : NO MORE SOVA! I beg you HyP, let me run with Neon, Raze, Jett, Reyna, Phoenix, and Yoru maybe?