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Schedule of the Mandatory team's matches

Welcome to the Mandatory team match schedule ! Bookmark it, as this is where we will keep the calendar of our Valorant team up to date, no matter what competitions they participate in.

We offer you a TLDR; in the form of a table, but please feel free to look a little further down if you need more information.

All the matches of the Mandatory team are commented by ZeratoR on Twitch channel.

Next matches for the Mandatory team

As a reminder, the Valorant Regional Leagues have changed. These changes affect both the name and the format. Thus, the HHTs are now grouped into three Challengers: EMEA, AMERICAS and PACIFIC. The first Split starts on 14 January and will end on 12 March with the Grand Final. The exact dates of Split 2 have not yet been revealed.

Saturday 4 February9pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1BLX United
Sunday 5 February8pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1VALIANT
Monday 6 February8pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1Zerance
Tuesday 7 February8pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1BeGenius
Monday 20 February9pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1Heet
Tuesday 21 February9pmValorant Challengers FranceSplit 1Joblife