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Team Mandatory's best moves with AMD and FNAC

[This article is sponsored by AMD and Fnac]

The Mandatory team has played its first five official games in VRL France. So we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to look back on 5 actions of our 5 players during these 5 games !

We are very satisfied with the level of play of our young team, which is not at all inferior to other structures that are much more established on the Valorant scene, and have been for longer. If we have been able to embark on this adventure, it is partly thanks to our partner AMD and its distributor, FNAC.

Let's review the most impressive moves of our players:

Match 1: Jbzz makes the first Ace of the Mandatory team

Team Mandatory took on OG Esports for their first ever match. And if there was one player more stressed than the others, it was Jbzz whose lack of competitive experience had raised many questions. However, he was able to prove in the first game that he could be counted on, by performing the first Ace of our team.

Match 2: HyP's lucidity and precision

In the match against BDS, the Mandatory team was much more comfortable with their game. Having already won the round, HyP HyP decided to chase the few remaining opponents to force an economic advantage. We then see him win his duels thanks to three points: HyP predicts the opponent's position, eliminates him even as he prepares an ambush, all while taking advantage of the perspective advantage. And he does it, twice in a row!

Match 3: The CREA^ clutch-Ace

It was against VMS that CREA^ has probably done the most incredible action of the team so far. He started by eliminating the opposing Jett who was entering point A, but soon realised that the rest of the opponents couldn't be far away. He then temporarily abandons the site while the 4 VMS players enter the site and eliminate all the other Mandatory players. It is then that CREA^ comes back and, alone against his four opponents, manages to eliminate them all with headshots thanks to fast and precise flicks.

Match 4: APO takes over the area

While we were largely dominated by Sector One, APO was able to pick up several rounds that seemed to be lost. In the clip below, APO made a series of decisions, information and actions and executed them brilliantly. He did not hesitate to surprise the opposing Viper by daring to fight directly on her poison puddle. Caught off guard, she is the first to fall. APO then rushes to site B and tries to intercept the Spike's pose by throwing his poison puddle in turn. A successful throw, but a fraction of the time too late. However, he has time to see the position of the enemy Breach as it falls, which he eliminates with a chasing step right after.

Match 5: hoppY catches his opponents in a pincer movement

In the match between Mandatory and BeGenius, our players synchronised perfectly to dislodge their opponents from a site where the Spike was placed. to dislodge their opponents from a site where the Spike was placed. While Jbzz comes from behind and fires a rocket launcher, hoppY on Breach comes from the front the next moment. He throws himself into Viper's poisonous mist, spotting and immediately eliminating the last two opponents still standing.

To get the best performance from our players, we need to provide them with the best hardware. That's why we're delighted to have AMD and their distributor FNAC as our first partners.

This choice makes particular sense for a game like Valorant. Like most esports games, Valorant requires a hardware with an optimal reactivity, without input-lag. This dynamism and immediacy is essential for high-level athletes. To achieve these results, Valorant needs your processor to be very powerful, rather than your graphics card. And that's precisely the strength of the processors Ryzen™ of AMD.

Unlike their competitors, who focus solely on desktop computing, AMD Ryzen processors are also designed for gaming, as well as for heavy-duty, multi-tasking applications such as streaming or video editing.

ZeratoR itself uses AMD hardware to play Valorant, but also to stream on a daily basis.

Today AMD is the leader in CPU performance. I play a lot of games that need a good CPU beyond GPUs (Valorant, WoW for example but there are others). With a really good CPU, you can also switch to CPU encoding which allows you to fine tune the encoding with your software settings and reduce the impact on the graphics card which tends to get hot and overloaded more easily. So when I made my last machine I naturally went to AMD.

ZeratoR, about his PC configuration.

Whether you want to build your own tower like ZeratoR or buy ready-to-use computers, FNAC, the official distributor of AMD, offers many options. For those who want to get the most out of their gaming while still being free to take their setup with them everywhere, we suggest the Laptop PC HP Omen 16-c0100nf.

It features a processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, a graphics card AMD Radeon™ RX 6600M, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. This technological gem is as compact as it is powerful and allows you to run the latest games with optimal fluidity and responsiveness, essential for esports games. In addition, the combination of an AMD processor and graphics card provides superior performance while consuming less resources and power, as the two technologies complement each other.