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Mandatory vs Joblife (2nd leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

The return legs of Split 2 of the VCL France kicked off this Sunday! It was time for Mandatory to take their revenge against Joblife. The JLs dominated the first half of the split, but they are starting to show signs of weakness. Mandatory were able to exploit their weaknesses to win the match. Thanks to this victory, Mandatory and Joblife are now tied at the top of the leaderboard.

MAP: Split
(Chosen by: Joblife)

Mandatory 13 - 8 Joblife


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP9/15/13131
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA15/13/6207
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster20/16/4286
Portrait Viper SmallTheBigFiz12/11/9165
Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra25/9/5303


Portrait of Raze SmallNayte19/15/2242
Portrait of Cypher SmallSo0n14/15/6186
Portrait of Breach SmallrodeN12/17/13174
About Sage SmallMARCTYLINHO11/17/10168
Portrait of Omen SmallYAYAX8/17/5108

Match summary Mandatory vs Joblife (2nd Leg - Split 2)

For this latest VCL France match, Joblife decided to take on Mandatory on Split. Our opponents of the day started the game at high speed and quickly set up on site A to plant the Spike, but ended up losing this first pistol-round. They decided to force-buy in the next round and won to even the score straight away. With another win, Joblife took the lead. During round 4, kAdavra make two superb eliminations with the Sheriff, which made Mandatory's success much easier. The match has only lasted seven minutes, but the intensity of the battle is already being felt. It was then the turn of TheBigFiz and Akumaaaaa to shine: on site A, Joblife won't go through!

It's often difficult to keep your cool in a clutch situation, MARCTYLINHO showed that it's not impossible in the next round. Alone against HyP, Akumaaaaa, Goaster and kAdavra, he produced a perfect round. Not only does he manage to take down three of our players, he also manages to plant the Spike and resurrect Yayax, who eliminates the last survivor for the equaliser. It was clear that neither team was going to give up in this game. As the Joblifes set off at high speed on Site B, kAdavra, with his feet firmly on the ground, he dropped them like flies, one after the other. By winning two more rounds, Mandatory weakened Joblife economically and took advantage of an eco round to score another point. Particularly frightening since the start of the game with Raze, Nayte ended our winning streak in stunning fashion. By eliminating four of our players, the Joblife player gave his team an easy point in turn. Mandatory picks up another win just before the changeover and leads 8-4.

While the game looks set to go well for Mandatory, it's important to remember that Split is never a foregone conclusion. In the League, it's more of a defensive map than an offensive one. HyP and his comrades will have to keep up the pace to win. After losing the second pistole-round, our players put on a round of eco just the way we like it! HyP took down three opponents single-handedly and kAdavra finished off the last survivor of the fights to score the point. It was Joblife's turn in eco to respond to this defeat with a deserved victory, capped off by a magnificent double-kill from nayte. As ZeratoR often says, it's important to respect the ecos, especially on Split... It was this same player who shone in the next set, giving his team another point.

A real battle begins between the two Raze in the game. This time, it's Goaster who completely reversed the set by taking down four opponents! At this stage of the game, Mandatory were gradually closing in on victory. The team played perfectly well together and went on to win two more games, thanks in particular to the precision of TheBigFiz in crucial moments. Joblife takes a break to look for a solution to a situation that has become critical. We lose a round, but "Y A R" kAdavra makes a stunning entrance on the B site in round 21 and allows Mandatory to conclude this match. It's a perfect week for our players!

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