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Solary vs Mandatory (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

It was the final first leg of this Split 2 of the VCL France, Mandatory faced Solary. The two teams had already met just before the launch of the league, to celebrate the acquisition of the former Heet by Solary and the match ended in a Mandatory victory, forcing Sakor to participate in the ZLAN. Even though he was determined to get his revenge, things didn't turn out the way he had hoped. Mandatory beat Solary and finished the first leg with 6 wins and 3 losses.

MAP: Bind
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

Mandatory 13 - 5 Solary


Solary vs Mandatory (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -HyP9/10/9157
Portrait Skye SmallAKUMAAAAA22/10/7324
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster21/12/3308
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz14/12/12212
Portrait Harbor SmallkAdavra12/9/8157


Portrait Skye Smalljuseu10/15/8179
Portrait of ChamberAmilwa13/14/3189
Portrait of Killjoy Smallmemset10/15/6165
Portrait of Jett SmallKinguyen13/16/4215
Portrait of Omen Smallb2kk6/18/4118

Match report Solary vs Mandatory (First leg - Split 2)

For the first time in Split 2, Mandatory and Solary played on Bind. The desert map has indeed returned to the map pool, while Icebox is out for an indefinite period. Knowing that Bind introduced a number of changes, as a result, both teams had to come up with new strategies to adapt.

The game started with a victory for our players thanks to the three eliminations of Goaster and good overall coordination. Unfortunately, Solary decided to force-buy in the next round and managed to win. Unsurprisingly, our opponents won the next round, but lost a lot of weapons and had to spend their credits to face Hyp, Akumaaaaa, Goaster, kAdavra and TheBigFiz, who were well armed for the next round. Once again, Solary proved to be excellent in its execution and easily snuck onto the site to plant the Spike. The molly from b2kk at the end of the round almost got the better of all our players... Even if ZeratoR didn't believe it, Akumaaaaa did have time to stop the explosion! The early part of the match was a back-and-forth affair, with the score levelling off at six ends. At this point, Mandatory takes the time to crack a few jokes during a timeout. The fun break that paid off. We win again! TheBigFiz looked death straight in the eye and said: not this time! He defused the Spike... to within 0.042s.

A hat-trick from Goaster, more than solid defence from B and an excellent site recovery from Mandatory summed up the next three rounds, which ended with kAdavra and his cohorts picking up more points. With Solary losing momentum, they tried to break their opponents' Momentum with a Timeout. Although they won the next set, they were still four points behind at the changeover. After a solid defence, Mandatory proved just as effective on Attack. Our team first took the pistol-round, before following it up with another win. HyP and Gekko and kAdavra and Harbor prove very useful for on-site pushes! With the pressure mounting as defeat loomed, Solary kept a cool head in the bonus round and scored his fifth point of the evening. Sakor didn't know it yet, but his players were signing their last victory in this match... Precise and coordinated, our valiant fighters launched themselves on site three times and won brilliantly. The game finally ended with a score of 13 to 5 in favour of Mandatory.

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