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Sector One dominates Mandatory – VRL France Match 5

While the match between Mandatory and Sector One was supposed to be the second of the week for our players, Match 4 against Vitality was postponed due to the news in Ukraine. Therefore we played Match 5 before 4 and we still don't know when we will finally be able to play Vitality.

This match against Sector One went very badly for our hammer players. Our opponents, who are currently leading the competition, made short work of HyP and his allies.

Final score

Mandatory6 Split 13
6 Fracture 13
Sector One

The match had started well on Split. Mandatory won the first two rounds by a wide margin. The team then quickly fell apart. Despite some flashes of brilliance from hoppY, the rest of the team was eliminated round after round. The Mandatory players tried to impose a sustained rhythm, but Sector One was always there and ready to stop us.

Unfortunately, there was not much more success on Fracture. Goaster and iDex were always one step ahead of our team, which was definitely not in its mood today. Sector One ended up winning this second map by the same score as the first: 13-6.


Map 1: Split

Map 2: Fracture