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Question and answer session with the Ultras of Mandatory

The 28th of January has become a historic day for the French Valorant esport: Mandatory has launched its own team on the FPS from Riot Games. The season was full of laughs, lost pistol-rounds, incredible clutches and memorable wins. Our team finished the year on a high note with a win at the French Cup Final. This first year of competition would not have been so crazy and wonderful without the unfailing support of our ultras and all Mandatory fans. On the eve of the new year, we wanted to thank you!

Mandatory: How did you discover Mandatory?

Fan photo Mandatory

The Mandatory site shares important gaming news and guides, such as the one on the perspective advantagesince April 2020. The creation of the Mandatory ClubAs for Mandatory, it dates back to last January. Some ultras have been following our team since its beginnings, others were already using Mandatory before it entered the esport, and still others joined this beautiful adventure along the way.

MDR !nk : I discovered Mandatory via Zerator by following his streams regularly.
MDR Krigs : Personally, I discovered Mandatory as a website during the beta of Valorant thanks to Zerator, then the team when it was announced.
ToNyTruand : By ZeratoR. And I knew HyP from Overwatch.

Mandatory: What do you like most about the Mandatory project?

As was so well put WilouuuThe most obvious answer to this question (and the only acceptable one at that) is none other than "I like everything about this team, I really do.. As our supporters are the most lovable of all, we forgive them for not all having answered the same way he did...

Amadeon : What do I like? The team, Valorant, the level offered and the ambitions of this year. I have been a fan of the team since day 1!
%&@*!$§+ (quality nickname): As other supporters have said, I like the "family" aspect of the site. Mandatory wants to bring its community together without any headaches. It wants to play and play well, while having fun. You can see that very easily! In fact, the club is looking for performance, but above all for sharing pleasure.
Ciremya : For me, it is the authenticity of the project that appeals most.
Aurélie : What I particularly appreciate is the good mood and the benevolence of the staff and the players. The closeness you can have with the players via social networks or streams, when they do it, it's very pleasant.

We will end this question with the superb answer of MDR-TouiTouitoui "I like to be naked!.

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Mandatory: Were you interested in Valorant before following Mandatory?

Hello as simple as this is (another good nickname) : Crazy! I used to tryhard a lot Valo, and I still do!
Gregzou : Not really. I tend to follow a game because someone I know is playing it.
Vivibike : I've been interested in the game since the beta, but my interest in Valorant esports comes from Mandatory!

Mandatory: Do you participate in conversations on Discord or social networks, or are you more of a team supporter?

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community, always ready to support our players in chat or just arms raised behind your screen!

%&@*!$§+ (always a good nickname) : I'm a crazy participant, I'm an ultra who eats hammers in the morning! - It must hurt your teeth...
Celine512 : A bit of both.
Rhyme : I participate in ZeratoR's live shows, but not too much on social networks.
Wilouuu : I try to participate as much as possible in supporting the team. I would love to have an important place in the Mandatory Ultra commu.

Mandatory : THE QUESTION. According to you, what are the moves that will remain iconic moments of Mandatory ?

Special mention for Azaryss who particularly appreciates "the gun-rounds ! At the same time, it is understandable. These are always memorable moments and the outcome is totally uncertain... even when it's unbeatable.

ToNyTruand : Akumaaaaa's ace on Bind.
Sarah_dreams : Apo's clutch.
rhyme : The victory at the Lyon E-Sport. I have never been so stressed!
MDR Elioume : Crea^'s clutch and Akumaaaaa's recent ace to the ghost.

Many of you mentioned the incredible round of Créa^ during the first VRL France Split. So for the pleasure of it, we propose you to vibrate again in front of this exploit!

Mandatory: The Akumaaaaa Phoenix or the Akumaaaaa Neon?

Jon : Neon because VROOOOM!
MDR Krigs : His Pheonix, because of the ace against the Karmine Corp! Plus, he's burning us up with this character.

If you want to run over your opponents at high speed too, Akumaaaaa has prepared some tips in our dedicated guide to Neon.

Mandatory: Any words for other fans who would like to join you on the Discord?

NitsuG and God Ussop invite you to join them "because we are good". and "that only at flunch can you flunk out, and only at MDR can you have a laugh". !

Aurélie : I would simply say that the good atmosphere is there, that there is a real exchange and that it is always fun! There are lots of activities organised on it, like quizzes, but also a lot of exchanges between Valorant players to look for mates.

A real family is what best characterises our Ultras. According to %&@*!$§+ "You have to dare. Anyway, it's just a cult... and what is a cult? A cool gathering of people who idolize a project a little too much. I promise we're not asking you for money... just to be naked with your arms up!"

Join them: Discord Mandatory.

photo of Mandatory supporters with the players

To you Ultras and fans. The Mandatory team would like to thank you for your unfailing support, for your good mood on the Discord and for your commitment to all of us during the events. We look forward to starting this new competitive season with you, and why not IRL from time to time?