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Review of the Mandatory team statistics - VRL France Split 2

The regular season of the split 2 of the VRL is now complete and our team Mandatory managed to rank 4th. Throughout the games played, the players were all excellent, despite some setbacks. We give you a summary of their statistics !

Statistics of cards and rounds played

First of all, it is important to know that during this regular season of split 2, our players played a total of 18 cards and they managed to win 12 of them.

Map Split Valorant

Split - Played 7 times - 71% by winrate

Map Ascent Valorant

Ascent - Played 6 times - 67% by winrate

Map Fracture Valorant

Fracture - Played 3 times - 67% by winrate

Map Haven Valorant

Haven - Played 1 time - 100% from winrate

Map Icebox Valorant

Icebox - Played 1 time - 0% from winrate

The Mandatory team is also a total of 376 rounds playedof which 208 were won and 168 lost. Not bad, eh?

Player statistics

After a little bit of browsing through the maps, let's move on to our players. It is important to know that they have achieved a total 1369 kills and are dead 1245 times. But let's take a closer look at their individual statistics.

HyP, the Captain of the Mandatory team

HyP, Captain of Mandatory

Let's start with our Captain: HyP. The latter has made a name for itself on numerous occasions with Breach and ends this regular season as the 4th most assists in the league per round (APR). On top of that, he is in the top 4 of players with the most assists throughout the regular season, with 144 assistances to his credit.

Our Captain has achieved 202 kills for 237 deaths. His average combat score (ACS) is 160.39 and he did an average of 101.89 damage per round (ADR).

HyP has been awarded the title of MVP in the return match against Team BDS.

APO, Sentinel of the Mandatory team

Apo, Sentinel of Mandatory

APO for its part, played Cypher on numerous occasions. As the team's best clutcher, it is no surprise that he is in the 4th place in the top clutcher of the league with 11 clutch wins out of 52 played.

During the regular season, APO achieved 247 kills and is died 229 times. His average combat score (ACS) is 183.1 and he did an average of 126.5 damage per round (ADR).

hoppY, Smoker of the Mandatory team

hoppY, smoker of the Mandatory team

During this split 2, hoppY alternated between Astra and OmenHe has been a great performer on both of these champions. Like HyP, he is ranked quite high in the list of players having achieved the most assists per round during the regular season, and indeed takes the 10th place. He is also the 11th most assisted player in the league (123).

hoppY counts 252 kills for 246 deaths. His average combat score (ACS) is 187.7, and he did an average of 124.9 damage per round (ADR).

He was also the first player in the team to win a MVP by performing well in the first leg against OG.

Goaster, Duelist of the Mandatory team

Goaster, Duelist of Mandatory

In split 1 we had Jbzz, who only played Raze. Now we have Goasterwhich is almost exclusively played by Chamber. Out of 18 games played, he picked the Sentinel no less than 14 times! In his hands, the Agent becomes absolutely formidable.

Goaster enters the top 10 players with the highest average combat score (ACS) : 223. He is also the 9th player of the league to have achieved most kills per round (0.8) and the 10th player to have made the most first kill per round (0,15).

But our Chamber player doesn't stop there! He enters the top 7 of the players who have done the most kills in one match (29), in the top 8 players with most kills (300) and in the top 9 players with most first kills (57).

In the regular season, Goaster achieved 300 kills for only 248 dead. Finally, it is the MVP of the first leg against Team BDS.

AKUMAAAAA, MVP of the Mandatory team

AKUMAAAAA, the MVP of the team

If you thought that Goaster was making a name for itself in many rankings, wait until you see AKUMAAAAA. Originally a Mandatory supporter, our young player is nevertheless the most aggressive of the team and does not hesitate to rush headlong into a fight with his Raze or its Neon.

AKUMAAAAA is without a doubt one of the best players in this league and it is fair to say that he is racking up the top 1's. Here is a small overview:

  • Top 1 in average battle score (ACS): 284.1
  • Top 1 in average damage per round (ADR): 179.3
  • Top 1 in kills per round (KPR): 0.98
  • Top 1 in first kill per round (FKPR): 0.27
  • Top 1 Kills: 368
  • Top 1 First Kills: 103

On top of that, he is one of the most successful players in the league in terms of MVP titlesas he has been appointed no less than 9 times.

His aggressiveness allowed him to make 368 killsbut he is also one of the players who died most often with 285 dead. Yes, this is the other side of the coin.

So, our players are good, aren't they? Well, you can still admire their skill and their great actions during the play-offs. The latter will start on 30th June and Mandatory will face Team BDS. To follow this epic match, go to the ZeratoR's Twitch channel.

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