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Review of the meeting between Mandatory and KCorp

On 10 May 2022, our team Mandatory was being beaten by the Karmine Corp. This heavy defeat made our players want to take revenge, which they did on Tuesday 31 May during the return match. Despite a very close match that ended in an overtime, the team did not give up and finally came to the end of their opponents.

In this interview, APO, menegh, AKUMAAAAA and HyP tell us about their victory and how they prepared to win the second leg.

Mandatory: You have taken your revenge, how does it feel? 

HyP : It feels great.

APO We really wanted to show our true colours against KCorp because, as you can see, we really missed out on the first leg.

AKUMAAAAA I really wanted to get my revenge and I did, so I'm quite happy.

Mandatory: It went very badly in the first game. What went wrong at that time? 

AKUMAAAAA It wasn't us in the first leg. We clearly took the pressure and didn't play our game. We're normally very aggressive but against KCorp we were the opposite. We were also surprised by their line-up I think, although it was really the pressure that got in the way in that game.

HyP I would say it was a combination of things. We weren't really set up on Icebox yet and we weren't prepared enough for this particular map. Combined with the stress of the game, we played differently and were afraid to play because we didn't feel comfortable enough on the map. So we let them play all the way through without really responding.

APO Yes, that's right, we can explain that because of two things. They showed an excellent level of play and surprised us with their line-up without Viper, who was replaced by Omen. There was also the stress of the game, in the sense that, beyond the stakes for the league, there is a real rivalry between Mandatory and the Karmine Corp. They are by far the two teams with the most media coverage.

menegh There are certainly several factors that explain the heavy defeat against KCorp in the first leg. First of all, they made the winning bet with an original compo on Icebox which disturbed us. We had never seen an Omen instead of a Viper on Icebox during our training sessions. The stakes of the match also disturbed us, the BO1s are very fast and the mental snowball, whether it is negative or positive, is also part of the game. We probably lacked experience in this area and were unable to bounce back.

Mandatory: How did you prepare for the return match? 

APO For the second leg, the coaching staff had to do some work beforehand, but nothing too advanced as far as I know. We knew what went wrong in the first game and we really wanted to be able to play them at full strength. The preparation for this kind of match is exactly the same as for all the other matches.

AKUMAAAAA Exactly, we took this game like any other. We didn't really change the way we played or the way we prepared BECAUSE it was KCorp. We played our game and it paid off.

HyP It wasn't any different from the other games, except for the desire to take revenge and to prove to everyone that we were better than what we had shown in the first game. We prepared for this match like the others.

menegh The truth is that after the heavy defeat in the first game, we changed our way of working to focus much more on the technical aspect of the game. We simply adapted to the schedule and the weeks with an optimized training format. We also learned to manage the mental aspect because taking a slap like this one, it changes a team and it gives strength to surpass ourselves.

In the end, we took this return match as if it were another, we played our game with confidence and aggressiveness. We also had some material to analyse KCorp's game, which could have given us another advantage. Even if I say that we took this game like any other, I know that in the players' minds, everyone was hungry for revenge!

Mandatory: How did you feel before the start of the second leg, a few minutes before the game started? 

menegh The atmosphere on the voice was relaxed, but we were still concentrated. There were no more or less words, we knew what we had to do.

APO Yes, we were excited to play but very focused on what we had to do. It was out of the question to go through the same thing as the first game.

HyP Good and serene, there was a great atmosphere all along.

AKUMAAAAA I felt serene as an individual BUT with a small desire to avenge the first leg. I think the others were in the same frame of mind.

Mandatory: Despite a missed first pistol round, you had a short lead almost the whole match. Did you have any doubts about winning? 

APO No, I don't think we had any doubts at all. The game was really tight from start to finish and we just had to keep a clear head on our game and theirs to close it out.

AKUMAAAAA Personally, I never had any doubts. We had the game in hand and we concluded despite the overtime.

menegh Never! You have to believe in it until the end, otherwise you might as well switch off the PC.

HyP For me a match is never over until it's really over. It's Valorant so anything can happen. We lost a lot of eco, which hurt us a lot. However, we put in some big clutch shots which hurt them too. We stayed calm despite everything but we can't say we were sure to win either. It was a big game that could have gone either way. That's the beauty of this kind of match. Whoever makes that extra kill or that extra clutch wins, and this time it was us.

Mandatory: What made the difference in this game compared to the last one? Had you been watching the KCorp games? 

AKUMAAAAA As we said, we didn't change our game compared to theirs, we played our game, we played as we wanted. Personally I don't like to know the strategies of the opponents to avoid thinking too much. I prefer to adapt during the game. On the other hand, Hyp and the coaches watched the games, yes.

HyP Of course we watched the KCorp games, just like any other team. Did we have a particular strategy? No, we planned to annoy them with their routine and that's what we managed to do. Other than that, we stuck to our usual game plan. The big difference with this game compared to the last one is that we were calm about the map that was played, we worked it out well. We had a good atmosphere and we weren't afraid to play. That's what made the difference, we felt much better overall. 

APO I think that this time we really respected the "DNA" of the team, which is based on an aggressive but hardworking game. We took this match as a match in its own right. Each match must be prepared rigorously and the most important thing is to do what we do best during training.

Mandatory: AKUMAAAAA, how does it feel to be MVP against KCorp? 

AKUMAAAAA I'm happy with myself! Since the beginning of the split I'm showing a good face and I hope to keep this level of play throughout the league.

The score is now 1-1 and both teams are determined to fight it out once and for all if they qualify for the playoffs. Who will win over the other? To be continued on the Twitch channel of ZeratoR.