Our Valorant team

We take a look at the situation with HyP, our Captain, ahead of the Ascension 2023 Play-In!

After an eventful Split 2 in which we finished at second placebehind Gentle Matesthe Valorant team from Mandatory will face Ascension play-in. The aim: to beat our European counterparts in order to claim a place in the European league. On the eve of these all-important matches, we put a few questions to HyPour captain, on these various subjects.

Mandatory: It's been a long season, we've seen a lot of role changes and we finished second against Gentle Mates in a very close match. How would you sum up Split 2? Are you satisfied with the team's performance?

HyP: Yes, I think we've come a long way, especially after the disastrous superweek we had. We've introduced new work routines during the season. We talk to each other a lot more and we really take the time to talk to each other about what we're feeling and how we can help each other, especially when one of us isn't necessarily in good spirits. I think that's helped to improve our cohesion overall.

Mandatory: We'll be playing against other VCL teams that we don't usually come up against in competition. Are you happy to be playing against new teams?

HyP: Yes and no, really. There's something refreshing about playing new teams in tournaments, but it's also stressful because of all the unknown parameters it creates in the middle of it all. But overall I'm happy and I'm looking forward to playing these teams.

Mandatory: Did you follow any of the other VCLs alongside VCL France and the VCT?

HyP: I followed the other VCL leagues, yes! Obviously I didn't watch all the matches, but most of them nonetheless, especially those of the best teams. I think that in France, we have a level very, very close to the other best regions in Europe, and we're finally going to be able to prove it at these play-ins. M8 will also have the opportunity to prove it during the Ascension tournament.

Mandatory: How do you prepare against teams like that?

HyP: We prepare like any other team: we concentrate on ourselves, perhaps adjusting a few details for certain teams, depending on what we can identify as their strengths or weaknesses. But our watchword is still to play our game and work on it well in training so that we're confident and comfortable with it. Once the match starts, we have to play our game and enjoy ourselves! That's what worked for us in the split 2 play-offs.

Mandatory: Are you happy with the group we've fallen into?

HyP: Overall, I'm happy with the group, yes. I think we've got a good squad. Enterprise are a big team, but they've just lost a player. They're still a dangerous team though and we'll have to be wary. Team Queso's players aren't bad, but I think we're a step above them. In my opinion, the most dangerous teams are still Fokus and S2G.

Mandatory: You've already faced them in scrims and warm-ups. So you're pretty confident?

HyP: We have everything we need to win every game, regardless of the team. Now that's the case with other teams too, it's still Valorant, it comes down to details, so we'll have to get ourselves in the best possible condition on the day and play as well as we can with as few mistakes as possible. If we can do that, then I'm convinced we have what it takes to go very far.

Ascension Play-In begins for Mandatory Thursday 22 June from 7.30pm with a BO1 match against Team Quesotop 2 in the VCL Spain, followed at 9pm by a match against Enterprise Esportstop 2 in the VCL East.

The matches will be broadcast on the ZeratoR chain.