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OG wins 1st battle against Mandatory

It was eagerly awaited: our team played its first official match! Mandatory was facing a strong opponent: OG esports. An organisation well established in esport and a fortiori on Valorant. Despite an extremely difficult first map, the Mandatory team showed what it was capable of on the second one, even if they didn't manage to win a map.

A look back at this eventful meeting.

Final score

OG Esports13 Ascent 5
13 Haven 11

Ascent: A complicated start

The game started badly for Mandatory, on Attack. The OGs were well placed in Defence and seemed to anticipate all our team's moves. LaAw was particularly decisive in these first rounds and surprised the Mandatory players more than once. The MDR players gradually started to pick up the pace. It was finally CREA^ who gave the initial impulse to the team and allowed them to take their very first round, the score being 4-1 in favour of OG. From this point on, the exchanges were much more balanced between the two teams. On the OG side, it was fxy0 and Leen 's turn to take the lead, but Mandatory managed to take 3 more rounds, thanks to the excellent recognition coordination of HyP, Jbzz and APO , which allowed CREA^ to line up kills.

At the side change, the score was 8-4 and OG decided to play his Attack rounds extremely slowly, pretending to enter the different sites and trying to push Mandatory to the foul. A strategy that woreds for the first two rounds. Despite a new round won by MDR, the OGs managed to close the map by playing extremely aggressively this time. A superb close-range flash on site A allowed OG to clean all of Heaven and stopped Mandatory's hopes of victory on this first map.

Haven: One step away from victory

This time on Haven, Mandatory started in Defence. They decided to let OG land the Spike before doing an aerial retake. The MDR players emerged from the balcony and eliminated all their opponents, winning the first round of this map. Mandatory naturally won the next round, but also the bonus round thanks to an Ace from Jbzz. Even though OG managed to win the 4th round, it was the defense of HyP and APO that allowed MDR to win the 5th round. In round 6, it was hoppY who took 3 opponents with him as he defended site C alone.

Mandatory was leading 6-1 when OG called for a tactical break. It took a few rounds before it paid off. Despite Killjoy's ultimate fake attempts, OG struggled to break down hoppY and Jbzz in defense in the following rounds. In the last round before the change of side, OG were finally at the same pace. The teams traded kills in 1v1. The score was then 8-4 in favour of Mandatory.

This time on Defense, OG played the retake on site C and took full advantage of fxy0's flashes on Breach to secure this pistol round. With this advantage, they took the next 2 rounds and followed Mandatory in the score. But once the MDR players were properly armed, the game was balanced again. Mandatory regained the lead for 2 rounds, thanks to Jbzz's excellent reflexes, and then failed to dislodge OG and especially OniBy in the next two rounds, which left the two teams tied. In the last few rounds of regulation, the exchanges were extremely tough, but LeeN generally managed to secure the first kills and gave his team the numerical advantage.

The drama for Mandatory came when OG led 12-11. MDR took the lead by eliminating 4 OG players while losing only 2. If everything was won on paper, it was without counting on LaAw who managed to clutch and save his team which then won this first match of the VRL France. LaAw who managed to make a clutch and save his team, which then won this first match of the VRL France.

A word from our players

In a post-game interview, HyP shared his frustration and sadness. The defeat on the second map was particularly hard. The team was also surprised by the OG setups and their impeccable spell rotations. Now they need to refocus and analyse what worked and what didn't in the team's first ever match.

They have a week to recover before the match against BDS, another extremely strong team from the VRL France.