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MoMaN leaves Mandatory Valorant team

[Updated 2nd April 2022]
"Catastrophic", "edifying", "outrageous" are some of the more measured words that could be heard at the end of the team's first training sessions since MoMaN joined our ranks. After consultation with all the staff and players, it was finally decided to remove MoMaN from the Mandatory team.

Everything was going well... at least until the first round of our first game. MoMaN's shots weren't terribly accurate, but they needed to warm up. However, Menegh began to doubt the potential of his new boy when he saw him spend 13 seconds trying to defuse a Killjoy Containment, confusing it with the Spike, causing the team to lose the round. The final straw for the coach was when MoMaN went to check his bindings on Sage in the middle of the round, as he couldn't reanimate Yoru's clone. (Even though he was playing Jett.)

As you will have understood, it was of course an April fool's joke ! We would like to thank MoMaN for accepting to play our game. Sorry to all those who believed in him until the end and really wanted to see him play in VRL. But don't hesitate to follow his training sessions for ZLAN on Twitch and to support him throughout the tournament!

Jokes aside, we actually have 2 new players, even though we can't tell you more at the moment, we can't wait to introduce them to you! We'll have to wait a little longer, but the next time we announce new recruits, it will be serious. #MDR

[Original article, published on 1 April 2022, at 6pm].

With the end of Split 1 of the VRL France, it was high time for Mandatory to make some significant changes. We are very happy with the first foundations laid by our players and our staff for our first games, but some cursors are to be adjusted, without compromising our main objectives. With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome a new player to the Mandatory team: Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez.

The Mandatory project is a very unique project, in that we want to be a team that is as successful in competition as it is entertaining and present on social media. We recruited Jbzz to be the face of the Mandatory team and to fulfil both functions. Following his departure, we have been actively seeking a new muse capable of taking on this role, while filling in some of the weaknesses of the previous one. MoMaN was the natural choice.

MoMaN joins the Mandatory team

MoMaN is a former pro player of Counter Strike, but also of Starcraft 2. He therefore has an excellent strategic background, in addition to real experience of strategic FPS in a competitive environment. He has been very involved in Valorant since its release, both by participating in numerous showmatches and by broadcasting his rankeds on Twitch. MoMaN is also a very energetic and positive player, which his teammates appreciate having in their ranks. These are qualities that he has developed over the years, coaching for various teams.

MoMaN also plays a key role in Mandatory's Valorant team. As those who follow MoMaN in stream know, he has no Agent of choice: he practices auto-fill and adapts to what his four teammates have chosen. He therefore has a thorough knowledge of each of the Valorant characters and a particular versatility that opens unique doors for the team.

For this Split 2, we don't want to have any limits in terms of composition. Having MoMaN with us frees us from many constraints and allows us to play agents that our opponents are not used to playing against.

Thibaut "menegh" Brognard – Mandatory Coach

Even though he is officially busy training for the 2022 ZLAN, MoMaN has already started playing with his new teammates in secret. You will be able to watch his debut in May 2022, when the VRL France resumes and the Split 2 begins.

Thanks to Mandatory and all the players! I will give my all to represent everyone! I've already played a bit with the team, it's going very well and it's very encouraging. After the ZLAN, I will have to stream much less often. I have to improve my level to catch up with my skill.

I hope you will be there during the victory, but also during the defeat, and especially during the tryhard because I won't shower anymore!

Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez – Player of the Mandatory team

So our team is now made up of four players! There is one last player to announce. This one is less known, but much more formidable in competition. We'll tell you more about him very soon.