Our Valorant team

Thanks for everything Babax!

2022 is coming to an end and the Babax at Mandatory is coming to an end. Over the last few months Baptiste "Babax" Bertrand has brought all his class and energy to the team's game. And what a success! With a victory in the Lyon e-Sport and the first Valorant French Cup, Babax goes down in the club's history.

When it comes to taking stock, sometimes complicated choices have to be made. At the dawn of a new season of VRL It was important to build a team that was as balanced as possible, both in terms of play and in terms of people.

This is a very difficult moment for Mandatory. Babax had a short contract for the period of the French Cup. The idea of an extension seems obvious after such results and would be in line with the club's desire for stability. However, the life of a team is sometimes complicated and requires changes. We are working hard to achieve the stability that is so dear to our hearts. We intend to reach this goal in 2023, after this first year of construction.

A huge thank you to Babax for all he has contributed, we wish him good luck for the future and have no doubt about his future success! As you know, the players passing to Mandatory will always be in the family. Just like Jbzz and APO who regularly stay in our projects, we hope to see Babax again very soon.