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Thank you kAdavra!

After a season of VCL defending the colours of Mandatory, we're saying goodbye to kAdavra. This war machine has carried the team more than once thanks to his exceptional reflexes and his ability to shine in the midst of chaos. 

kAdavra has made no secret of his ambition to play in the VCT EMEA and that he is prepared to do anything to achieve it. A other structure potentially gives him the opportunity, but the testing and training schedules are absolutely incompatible with the French Cup. That's why we've had to release kAdavra from his contract and why Mandatory will be playing in the Coupe de France without him.

I'd like to thank Mandatory and the team for this wonderful year, which has been full of good times. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them, they're an incredible organisation and family and I wish them all the best. See you soon for the rest!

kAdavra, former Mandatory player

We hope for his sake that the trials will go well and that this structure will honour its commitments. 

Even though Mandatory is losing an exceptional player, it is recruiting an equally exceptional one. Indeed, kAdavra will be replaced by SoOnwho has already joined the Mandatory team and is preparing for the French Cup in the company of HyP, AKUMAAAAA, Goaster and TheBigFiz.

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