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Mandatory outperforms Wylde - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 4

For this fourth match of the Split 2 of the VRL 2022, Mandatory faced Wylde's new roster. After a French 100% team, the organisation has chosen to turn to the international scene; from the initial formation, only Dawn is left. If he had beaten us twice during Split 1, it was now time to rewrite history with his new teammates. Unfortunately for them, the chapter was written differently tonight. With yesterday's success against Sector One, our team scored their third win!

Final score

WYL 7 - 13 MDR


Portrait of Cypher SmallJakexd9/15/2129
Portrait of Raze SmallKeiko15/15/4222
Portrait of Fade SmallRieNs14/16/9206
Portrait of Breach Smallarch10/15/7145
Portrait of Omen SmallDawn21/13/5296


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP14/11/9204
Portrait of Cypher SmallAPO11/14/4153
Portrait of Astra SmallhoppY17/14/9232
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA22/15/4315
Portrait of Neon SmallGoaster10/15/2140

Summary of the match

Mandatory started this game as an Attack. Thanks to Goaster's Neon, our team was able to put the pressure on quickly. They set the pace for the whole match, winning the first pistol round to set the tone. Despite this, the Wylde were determined not to be outdone. Both teams put in some great performances in what turned out to be a close first phase. However, the Mandatory Attack was able to break through the opposing defences at the right moments. They took the lead on a very good rotation at the ventilation level to the B site. At the changeover, Wylde led by 2 rounds.

By winning the second pistol-round and the following round, Wylde managed to come back to the score, 7-7. Unfortunately for them, those 2 extra points were the last of the game. Even with a more attack-oriented double duelist line-up, Mandatory was monstrous in defense. Both precise in execution and aggressive when necessary, our players countered the opponents' rush attempts on several occasions. With a string of winning rounds, they flew to victory.

Best moves

How to get into the site? Take a look.


They are too smart!

It wasn't far, but it's beautiful.

It was well hidden!


Next match, Monday 23rd May 2022, at 8pm BeGenius vs Mandatory