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Mandatory wins the Valorant French Cup

Mandatory started the Valorant French Cup by beating Hakuba Esports. Our team then defeated Sector One and Emojipouce to reach the final of the upper bracket. Before continuing its ascent in the French Cup, Mandatory participated in Lyon Esport. Winners of this tournament, our players were hungry for success when they started the upper final against Bonk. At the end of this close match, they reached the Grand Final. This final match was a real rematch between Mandatory and Bonk.

Our opponents of the day managed to get the upper hand after the first map, however our players were successful three times afterwards. HyP, Akumaaaaa, Babax, Goaster and TheBigFiz lift their second trophy in French LAN and become the first Valorant French Champions!

Final score

MDR 3 - 1 Bonk

MDR 10 - 13 BONK

MDR 13 - 11 BONK

MDR 13 - 4 BONK

MDR 13 - 7 BONK

Map not played


About Sage SmallPortrait of Breach SmallAbout Sage SmallPortrait of Breach SmallHyP42/50/2614
Portrait of Reyna Small Portrait of Neon Small Portrait of Reyna SmallPortrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA66/65/22236
Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Chamber Portrait of ChamberGoaster84/52/10272
Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Fade SmallTheBigFiz57/61/22202
Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of Astra Small Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Omen SmallBabax70/52/32228


Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Fade SmallBonkar46/64/32152
Portrait of Omen Small Portrait of Omen Small Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Omen SmallDestructive39/69/27142
About Sage Small Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Raze SmallJuseu67/63/12227
Portrait of Jett Small Portrait of Chamber Portrait of Chamber Portrait of ChamberKeiko86/61/10284
Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait Viper Small About Sage Small About Sage SmallKicks42/63/29149

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Ascent
BNK 13 - 10 MDR

In the previous match between Mandatory and Bonk, our opponents had quickly managed to gain the upper hand but had failed to capitalise. This new match gave them another opportunity to take a point from our players. On the first map of the Grand Final, namely Ascent, they were again effective in the first half and took the lead. At the changeover, our opponents were leading 8-4. In a scenario similar to the last confrontation, Mandatory gradually extricates itself from the infernal circle of conceded sets. Afterwards, both teams remained on their toes at all times and put in some good performances. This time, BONK players kept their composure and held their own against Mandatory. They finally win 13 to 10.

Map 2 - Fracture
MDR 13 - 11 BNK

BONK took advantage of their victory to put pressure on Mandatory on Fracture. Our players are struggling to get into the fight; apart from a few good individual actions, they are undermining the opposition's game. Once again, BONK accumulated points before the changeover and the first half ended at 8-4. While our team was suffering from a lack of teamplay at the beginning of the game, the Defence is much better managed. It's night and day. The second half even starts with a victorious pistol-round! Mandatory slowly goes up in score and manages to take the lead. Some mistakes make the end of the game complicated... but Akumaaaaa is aggressive and takes advantage of the surprise effect to hurt his opponents. After a game full of twists and turns, BONK loses 11-13.

Map 3 - Icebox
MDR 13 - 4 BNK

By embarking on Icebox, the third map of this Grand Final, the two teams are tied, each having won a map in this BO. If there were doubts about the success of Mandatory on this map, our players quickly silenced the doubters. Galvanised by their previous success, they controlled this game from start to finish, winning two pistol-rounds in the process! In Defence as in Attack, Goaster, Akumaaaaa, HyP, Babax and TheBigFiz are uncompromising, efficient and rigorous. In less than forty minutes, they close Icebox with a score of 13 to 4 and take the lead in this Final.

Map 4 - Haven
MDR 13 - 7 BNK

The first map of this Grand Final was difficult for Mandatory, but the defeat did not dampen their thirst for victory. Determined to finish, our players played an aggressive game on Haven. Akumaaaaa and TheBigFiz are asserting themselves in their duels and multiplying the triple eliminations. After a rather tight start, the successes follow one after the other for our players, who fly towards the crown. The efforts of BONK are in vain. Mandatory takes the map with a final score of 13 to 7.

This third point allows our players to get a second victory in the French LAN this year. They are the first French Champions!

Victory of Mandatory at the French Cup of Valorant

A great thanks to all Mandatory supporters, you have been incredible throughout the competition and the weekend, both from home and on site!

Thanks to the Mandatory supporters!

Best moves

HyP for the win!

He's done for!

A fine Sage/Chamber setup

This is clean!

Akumaaaaa slides over opponents

The Sheriff makes the rules

Teamwork that pays off!

The Goatser.

You don't need 100 HP when you have the TheBigFiz's aim.


Map 1 - Ascent

Map 2 - Fracture

Map 3 - Icebox

Map 4 - Haven