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Mandatory wins the quarter final against Sector One - French Cup

After a more complicated match than we would have expected, Mandatory returned on good form against Sector One in this quarter-final of the Valorant French Cup. With the exception of a more than laborious Attack on Bind, HyP and his allies dominated all the debates and completely dominated their opponents.

Final score

MDR 2 - 1 S1

MDR 14 - 12 S1

MDR 13 - 1 S1

Not played


Portrait of Fade Small About Sage SmallHyP21/22/19167
Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Reyna SmallAKUMAAAAA44/32/8317
 Portrait of ChamberGoaster40/22/6273
 Portrait Skye Small Portrait of Fade SmallTheBigFiz28/23/17209
Portrait of Astra Small Portrait Viper SmallBabax28/24/19199

Sector One

Portrait Viper Smallq28/31/4229
Portrait of Brimstone About Sage SmallthooOOM21/32/7138
Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of ChamberMaximN22/34/14173
Portrait of Reyna Small Portrait of Jett SmallFlickless33/34/4229
Portrait Sova Smalldash19/30/17154

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Bind
MDR 14 - 12 S1

Quarter-final starts with a double grenade kill of AKUMAAAAA and a flawless of the team, very reassuring in relation to the match against HAKUBA. But on this side, it is really Goaster who was in particularly good form, regularly scoring doubles, if not more. Mandatory in Defence just doesn't let Sector One get their game going, despite some flashes of q.

Sector One, however, picked up steam at the change of sides. They then won almost all their rounds until they reached a score of 11-9 in their favour. Flickless and dash are unbeatable and know how to surprise the Mandatory players. The players with the hammer decide to concede a 12th point to their opponents in order to recover and try to get back on track. A strategy that pays off and allows them to equalize 12-12 and play the Overtime.

The scores were reset and the teams were once again on equal terms. A triple of Babax.

Map 2 - Icebox
MDR 13 - 1 S1

The second round was played on Icebox, a map selected by Mandatory. The team had prepared very well and did not give Sector One a chance to try multiple Operator strategies. AKUMAAAAA gets us some Aces, TheBigFiz clutches, Goaster unthinkable duels. All the players dominated the opponents, and only Q seemed to put up any resistance.

Mandatory won the first side with a score of 12-1 and the pistol round of the second side was enough to conclude the game.

Best moves

Goaster the monster

The Captain's clutch

AKUMAAAAA comes back from the dead

The Legend of Babax

Goaster always on top



Map 1 - Bind

Map 2 - Icebox

Next match, 26 November at 7pm. Mandatory will face the players of Emojipouce.