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Mandatory wins the semi-final against Zerance - VCL France 2023 Split 2

Following its results in the the regular season, Mandatory played its first play-off match against Zerance, straight in the semi-finals. The BO5 got off to a worrying start, but the Mandatory players managed to regain control of the game and come from behind to win. They will face Gentle Mates in the grand final, tomorrow at 5pm. But more importantly, the team qualified for the Play-In of the Ascension, the tournament to qualify for the VCT.

Scores for the Semi-Final

Mandatory 3 - 1 Zerance

MDR 12 - Bind - 14 ZER
MDR 15 - Lotus - 13 ZER
MDR 13 - Split - 8 ZER
MDR 13 - Haven - 3 ZER


Portrait of Brimstone Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait Harbor SmallHyP54/59/46171
Portrait Skye Small Portrait of Omen SmallAKUMAAAAA67/66/29200
Portrait of Raze Small Portrait of Jett SmallGoaster80/62/22279
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz68/63/20206
Portrait of Cypher Small Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Astra SmallkAdavra76/51/39231


Portrait of Fade Small Portrait of Omen Small About Sage SmallBabax56/71/38184
Portrait of Jett SmallPortrait of Neon SmallLux985/71/7236
Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Killjoy Small Portrait of Cypher SmallDarkLight53/65/13164
Portrait Skye Small Portrait of Breach SmallVeqaj47/67/58149
Portrait of Brimstone Portrait Viper Small Portrait of Omen SmallBramz60/71/34184


Summary of the Semi-Final Mandatory vs Zerance (Split 2)

MDR 12 - 14 ZER

BO5 started on Bind. Despite losing the first two rounds, Mandatory then took control of the match. TheBigFiz and his legendary composure stopped Zerance's most terrible attacks. This gave Mandatory a 9-3 lead at the changeover, but the trouble was about to begin.

Mandatory started every round with one less player, thanks to Lux9 who always managed to surprise with his placements. DarkLight also locked up the various sites and Madatory was unable to find any solutions. Forced to play in retakes, HyP and his teammates still managed to win the 3 points they needed to reach 12, but failed to score. Zerance managed to launch overtime and ended up winning this first map.

MDR 15 - 13 ZER

We felt our players were on edge when they arrived at Lotus. Zerance came out on top thanks to Veqaj in the opening rounds and led 6-3, but it took a surge from kAdavra to get the team back on its feet and finally secure the tie on the first side. But Zerance took off once again at the change of sides, with the Bramz/Lux9 duo. Once again it was kAdavra's turn to get back into the game. At the controls of his Viper, he perfectly zoned in on his opponents and pushed them into disadvantageous situations. So it was Mandatory's turn to make a comeback. The second map also went into overtime, this time won by Mandatory who equalised in the BO5.

MDR 13 - 8 ZER

We had to go all the way on Split and keep that mental edge. Even though the map was selected by Zerance, Mandatory got off to a flying start by winning the first 4 rounds. This time, it was Goaster who took charge, stringing together a series of improbable eliminations, even in hopeless situations. Babax and Lux9 helped Zerance to hold on, but their efforts were not enough to stop Goaster now that he had started. Mandatory won its second map by a score of 13-8, while Goaster finished with a frightening ACS of 395.

MDR 13 - 8 ZER

The Goaster show continued on Haven. In command of his Jett and supported by kAdavra and AKUMAAAAA, he allowed Mandatory to win his Defence side by a wide margin. Zerance struggled to play round after round on Site B, but failed for a single second to trouble the hammer players. Mandatory leads 9-3 at the change of side.

This time, the whole team was at last playing in synergy and rolling out their strategies, while the Zerance players seemed washed up. None of their attempts to defend succeeded in slowing down the Hammers. They crushed their opponents and won their third map by a score of 13-.

The team has therefore qualified for the Grand Final and will face Gentle Mates tomorrow at 5pm.

VOD of the match

Map 1 - Bind

Map 2 - Lotus

Map 3 - Split

Map 4 - Haven