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Mandatory Wins Its First Match Against Hakuba Esports - French Cup

This meeting between Mandatory and Hakuba Esports was very important! It was the first match of Mandatory in this French Cup, but also the first official match since the arrival of TheBigFiz and Babax in the team. It was important for them to find their feet as well as to show what this new team is capable of. Mandatory ended up winning the game, but had a few scares, especially on Pearl.

Final score

MDR 2 - 1 Hakuba

MDR 13 - 8 HAKU

MDR 8 - 13 HAKU

MDR 13 - 5 HAKU


About Sage Small Portrait Sova Small Portrait of Fade SmallHyP36/34/28168
Portrait of ChamberGoaster43/38/2188
Portrait of Astra SmallBabax43/32/17218
Portrait of Reyna Small Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA60/44/14289
Portrait of Fade Small Portrait Skye Small TheBigFiz46/36/21211

Hakuba Esports

Portrait of Fade SmallBeans45/50/12214
Portrait of Astra Small Portrait of BrimstoneElo34/45/17165
Portrait of Raze SmallSACHAAAAA45/50/12214
Portrait of ChamberSneaky42/45/9188
Portrait of Kayo Small Portrait Skye SmallReckeyy30/42/26146

Summary of the match

Map 1 - Ascent
MDR 13 - 8 HAKU

New team, but old habits: Mandatory starts the match by losing its pistol round. A first point conceded which was not like the rest of the first side. The Mandatorys in defence almost systematically manage to eliminate an opposing player through mid to gain the numerical advantage. The good synergies between AKUMAAAAA and TheBigFiz allow for a thorough cleaning of the corridors. HyP is extremely consistent as well, helping his team to a 9-3 finish in this phase.

Mandatory then loses the gunround once again, but manages to win the eco. The Hakuba give our team a hard time with their good spell combinations. They manage to successfully predict the tactics used by HyP and his players and organise their defence accordingly. Team Mandatory then decides to stop sending AKUMAAAAA as bait and to regroup. MDR's technical superiority allowed them to regain control of the game and win, 13-8.

Map 2 - Pearl
MDR 8 - 13 HAKU

Even though Pearl is the map chosen by Mandatory, the first rounds were very scary on Defence. By losing 4 points in the opening map, the team started with a serious disadvantage. Fortunately, Babax and TheBigFiz provide the impetus to temporarily contain the bleeding. It is once AKUMAAAAA warmed up that Mandatory really comes back and finally manages to win the first side 7-5.

At the side change, Mandatory loses his fourth pistol round of the match. Elo makes no bones about it and allows Hakuba to equalise. Sachaaa and Sneaky took over and continued to pile up the rounds until they regained the lead without Mandatory being able to set up their game. Hakuba then concedes only one round until they win.

Map 3 - Bind
MDR 13 - 5 HAKU

The first game was played on Bind. The beginning is, once again, very complicated for Mandatory, still thanks to Elo's precision. Fortunately, AKUMAAAAA finds his explosive spirit at the helm of Raze. Accompanied by HyP and Babax, the player allows himself daring trajectories and surprises his opponents on numerous occasions.

And while we're used to losing all the pistols rounds, AKUMAAAAA has a legendary 1v4. The team is much more comfortable in attack and proves it. Whether it's him or Goaster and HyP, the players are extremely solid and win all their duels. When the team is in trouble, they can count on the clutch of TheBigFiz. Mandatory had a scare, but finally won the match!

Best moves

Teamwork makes the dream work

The Seat of Goaster

TheBigFiz and Babax shine

Grouped retake

AKUMAAAAA and TheBigFiz, brothers of kills

The remontada on Bind

AKUMAAAAA's Pistol Round





Next match, Saturday 5th November at 4pm Mandatory vs BeGenius.