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Mandatory defeats Sector One - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 3

This third match of the Split 2 of the VRL 2022 opposed Mandatory at Sector One ! If the structure is the defending champion of the Split 1, today, the team has little to do with it, as only iDex and Marctylinho were part of it at the time. One of their former players is none other than Goaster, who joined Mandatory last month! This confrontation was an opportunity for him to cut the ties with Sector One once and for all, even though the victory was hard to come by.

Final score

S1 15 - 17 MDR

Sector One

Portrait of BrimstoneiDex29/23/14265
Portrait of Raze SmallOLIZERA31/23/12307
Portrait of Breach Smallqpert16/23/19166
Portrait of ChamberMARCTYLINHO16/23/4139
Portrait of Neon Smallsaiko20/26/7187


Portrait of Kayo SmallHyP16/21/10141
Portrait Viper SmallAPO23/22/9196
About Sage SmallhoppY25/24/7205
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA25/27/16278
Portrait of ChamberGoaster29/18/5244

Summary of the match

This match on Fracture started off on a high note, with APO making a superb 4K to secure the first pistol-round. HyP and his teammates then went on a 3 game winning streak. Sector One didn't give up though, and came back and took the lead. Both teams were determined to win and gave it their all at the end of the first game. In the end, it was Sector One who took the lead. At the changeover, Mandatory had to face a slight delay of 2 rounds.

This lead for Sector One did not last long. Mandatory remained strong and again went on to win rounds, taking a second pistol round in the process. After coming back into the match, Goaster and his allies continued to put pressure on their opponents, regaining the lead. Nevertheless, the Foxes kept their heads to come back to 10-10. Thereafter, both rosters took points in succession, offering in turn a superb show until extra time!

During this final phase of the match, Mandatory and Sector One played a game of table tennis, passing the ball back and forth. Everyone wanted to win. The tension rose until the teams reached a score of 16-15, a score in favour of Mandatory. It was finally on a cheeky defuse by APO, in a 1v1 situation that our team won 17-15!

Best moves

First pistol-round won!

We take the bonus round!

Sometimes you have to wait.

But what a precision of Goaster OMG!

Akumaaaaa, that cowboy.



Next match, Tuesday 17th May 2022, at 10pm : Wylde vs Mandatory.