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Mandatory wins again against OG - VRL 2022 Split 2 - Match 11

The return matches started last week, a week in which Mandatory took on the Karmine Corp. Today, it'sOG to face our team. In the first leg, our players had managed to completely outperform their opponents, winning the match easily with a score of 13-5. For this second match, the Mandatory players were excellent, although OG did not give up until the end. However, they lost, finishing a second time at 13-5.

Final score

MDR 13 - 5 OG


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP8/9/5118
Portrait of Cypher SmallAPO8/10/5135
Portrait of Astra SmallhoppY19/7/8278
Portrait of Neon SmallAKUMAAAAA24/11/5380
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster14/11/4204



Portrait of Omen SmalluNKOE7/16/3118
Portrait of Raze SmallOniBy9/14/1153
Portrait of Chamberfxy018/14/1293
Portrait of Fade SmallLaAw7/17/6111
Portrait of Breach SmallKONEQT7/12/194

Summary of the match

For this match on Split, it was the OGs who started on the attack. They started this match in a very aggressive way by quickly securing 2 kills and then winning this pistol round, as well as the next. Once these little debacles were over, Mandatory counterattacked with a triple from hoppY. Our players played a very clean game, each of them putting in great individual performances to secure round after round. Despite this, OG didn't give up and continued to hold our team up, with a very nice quadra kill from fxy0. Unfortunately this was not enough and Mandatory was leading 9-3 at side change.

Once on the defensive, the OGs redoubled their aggression and once again won the pistol round, as well as the round after. Mandatory, however, quickly regained their composure while taking their time on some rounds to make sure they were secure. AKUMAAAAA once again dazzled us with a magnificent quadra kill, and hoppY finally gave the team the win with a beautiful triple.

Mandatory won a second time against OG with a score of 13-5.

Best moves

hoppY's triple

Very nice game from MDR

Chill, it's okay

Quadra kill from AKUMAAAAA


Next match, Tuesday 7th June 2022 at 6pm: Wylde vs Mandatory.