Our Valorant team

Mandatory Warm Up, a Valorant showmatch on the occasion of CAP48heures

To mark the charity event CAP48hoursAKUMAAAAA, Hyp, TheBigFiz, SoOn and Goaster will be taking part. at Mandatory Warm Up. During this special evening, our players will take part in games of Valorant... which promise to be fun and electric!

A legendary showmatch

While we wait for the next season of Challengers France, you will be able to admire our players again very soon, at the following events Mandatory Warm Upa showmatch co-cast by ZeratoR and MoMaN!

On this occasion, Bazy and Chipsettecontent creators on Valorant, as well asEversaxRocket League head coach at Karmine Corp, will be taking part in matches on the Riot Games FPS alongside by AKUMAAAAA, Hyp, TheBigFiz, SoOn and Goaster. But that's not all... Crea^ will also be taking part.

EDIT : Darxciothe young prodigy from Valorant, will also be taking part. For the record, he has twice reached Radiant 1 in the world rankings, having reached Radiant at just 11 years of age.

The Mandatory Warm Up will be held at the Forum de Liège, 12 October at 8pmbefore the event CAP48hours. If you would like to attend this event, you can buy a ticket for the single price of €10. on htdplace.fr. All profits will be donated to the Cap48 association.

What is CAP48heures?

Like ZEvent, CAP48heures is a charity marathonThe event will bring together more than twenty streakers over a period of 48 hours. The RTBF iXPé Crew is behind the project.

The aim is simple: collect as many donations as possible for Cap48a Belgian association that helps people with disabilities and young people with integration problems.

This year, the marathon will run from Friday 13 October to the evening of Sunday 15. The entire event - as well as the Mandatory Warm Up - will be broadcast on iXPé RTB Twitch.