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Mandatory defeats Zerance in the semi-final of the Challengers France 2023

With 12 wins and 6 losses, Mandatory finished second in the regular season of the first Challengers France Split. By doing so, our team qualified directly for the semi-finals of the playoffs. For this important match, Hyp, Akumaaaaa, kAdavra, TheBigFiz and Goaster faced the players of Zerance. After an easy first map win, Mandatory suffered a crushing defeat. However, the victory did not escape them, as they won the next two maps. In doing so, they secured their place in the Grand Final. In order to win the title of French Champions, they will have to defeat the top-ranked Supra Beaux Gosses.

Mandatory 3 - 1 Zerannce

MAP: Lotus
Mandatory 13 - 8 Zerance
(Chosen by: Zerance)

MAP: Haven
Mandatory 2 - 13 Zerance
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

MAP: Split
Mandatory 13 - 9 Zerance
(Chosen by: Zerance)

MAP: Pearl
Mandatory 13 - 6 Zerance
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

MAP : Fracture


Portrait of Breach SmallAbout Sage SmallPortrait Harbor SmallHyP46/47/38171
Portrait of Jett SmallAKUMAAAAA59/56/18216
Portrait of Fade SmallPortrait of Raze SmallPortrait Skye SmallGoaster71/58/18247
Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz55/49/35209
Portrait of Killjoy SmallPortrait of Cypher SmallPortrait Viper SmallkAdavra62/48/28226


Portrait of Raze SmallPortrait of Jett Smalllux967/61/17257
Portrait of Omen SmallPortrait of Astra SmallBabax45/56/25159
Portrait Skye SmallPortrait Sova SmallPortrait of Fade SmallDarkLight48/56/32181
Portrait of ChamberPortrait of Breach SmallPortrait of Jett SmallPortrait Skye SmallVeqaj45/61/26159
Portrait of Killjoy SmallMercury53/59/13208

Summary of the semi-final Mandatory vs Zerance

The match started on Lotus, a mostly defensive map. Mandatory didn't make the statistics lie and won one after the other in Defence, so much so that our players quickly led 6 to 0. Between the clutch of Akumaaaaa, the very good rounds of TheBigFiz and the accuracy of Goaster, the team is showing its full potential. However, Babax and his teammates did not give up and put four points before the changeover.

If the score of Mandatory was indeed in the direction of the data in Defence, the efficiency of our players in Attack came to upset the statisticians. From 8-4, they went to 11-4. The victory was still in sight, but Zerance decided otherwise. Determined, precise and more coordinated, they won more points, gradually moving up the score. At the end of round 20, the scoreboard read 12-8. If there was any doubt in the minds of our players for a while, TheBigFiz finally ended the opponents' hopes of victory. In a final effort of concentration, he eliminated four opponents with a Guardian to win the missing point. Mandatory thus wins this first map 13 to 8.

A semi-final means talented players. Despite a difficult first defeat, the Zerance team kept their composure to get back on track on Haven. As ZeratoR summarised "We got our heads blown off." Carried by Mercury , our opponents took their first point with a final score of 13-2.

The third point of the evening was played on Split, a map on which both teams are strong according to the statistics. Being an Attack map, the first period was going to be a difficult one for Mandatory. However, HyP and his little comrades treated us to a treat. At the changeover, it was our team that had the advantage, with a two-point lead! Nevertheless, Veqaj, really strong in round 13, allowed his team to come back to score.

Everything had to be done again for the ten players. With five new wins, Mandatory took off towards victory. A flight that was quickly stopped by Zerance's comeback. The tension was palpable, our players were suffering the setbacks while only one point was needed to take the lead in this semi-final. In the fifth and second round, the duo Hyp/TheBigFiz was imperial. The Captain's BIG BRAIN has hit the nail on the head again. The map ends at 13-9, they thus secured a second victory.

Galvanised by their previous achievement, kAdavra and his teammates set out on Pearl. They didn't know it yet, but it was the very last ma of the match. On Defence, their teamwork paid off, time and time again! Despite Zerance's efforts, Mandatory quickly took the lead to 8-4 at the changeover. Already very good in the first half, Goaster was even more successful in Attack, providing space on the sites with trailblazer and guiding lights brilliantly used. Our opponents only managed to take two more points and therefore lost 13-6. With a new victory, Mandatory wins this semi-final and gets its place for the Grand Final!

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match


He's just solid.

Goaster's perfect ultimate!

Here comes the party