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Mandatory vs Zerance (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023

For its sixth match of the Split 2 of the VCL France, Mandatory faced Zerance. Mandatory hoped to continue its winning streak, while Zerance was determined to win its first match against HyP and his allies. In the end it was Zerance who won in a very close game.

MAP: Lotus
(Chosen by: Zerance)

Mandatory 10 - 13 Zerance


Mandatory vs Zerance (First leg) - Split 2 - VCL France 2023 - mandatory valorant database agents portrait gekko mini 1 -HyP15/17/7184
Portrait of Kayo SmallAKUMAAAAA17/20/7220
Portrait of Raze SmallGoaster12/19/3155
Portrait of Killjoy SmallTheBigFiz16/17/6208
Portrait of Omen SmallkAdavra18/16/13203


Portrait Skye SmallVeqaj19/15/19233
Portrait of ChamberMercury23/17/2273
Portrait of Killjoy SmallDarkLight18/13/6219
Portrait of Jett Smalllux914/18/2174
Portrait of Omen SmallBabax15/15/11172

Summary of the first leg Akroma vs Mandatory (First leg - Split 2)

The first side was played in Attack for Mandatory. After a pistol and an eco won by a large margin, the Mandatory players started the game over-equipped. HyP tries a new strategy based on wallbanging Odin and significantly decreases the opponent's VPs before the fight really starts. Zerance then decides to adapt by forcing the confrontations at very long range. The team is equipped with two Operators that wreak havoc on the sides and play almost exclusively retakes. Combined with the performance of DarkLight, this strategy allowed Zerance to gain a clear advantage and finish the side with a score of 8-4.

The domination of Mercury, with his Operator and Shorty, continued to wreak havoc once Mandatory was in defence. Zerance played almost exclusively on the B-site, this time forcing close-range confrontations. Zerance largely dominated and reached 12 points. It was then that a clutch of TheBigFiz gave the team hope. This performance was followed by a perfect round which put Mandatory back in the game. The next few rounds were extremely competitive. But even though Mandatory made a strong comeback, Zerance eventually scored the last point they needed to close the game.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

The Fiz clutch