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Zerance VS Mandatory (2nd Leg) - Challengers France 2023

Return match against Zerance in these Challengers France 2023. Mandatory is tied with three other teams in third place. The victory against Babax's team secured a second position with only 3 games to go in the playoffs. A mere formality for Mandatory who won the match 13-9 by playing extremely convincingly.

MAP: Fracture
(Chosen by: Mandatory )

ZER 9 - 13 MDR


Portrait of Breach SmallHyP 15/11/12191
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA 16/16/7212
Portrait of Fade SmallGoaster23/12/4271
Portrait of BrimstoneTheBigFiz20/16/11253
Portrait of Cypher SmallkAdavra10/14/5127


Portrait of Astra SmallBabax 11/16/4167 
Portrait of Neon Smalllux914/19/1180
Portrait of Breach SmallDarkLight18/17/7247
Portrait Skye SmallVeqaj18/15/25237
Portrait of Cypher SmallMercury8/17/296

Match summary Mandatory vs Zerance

Mandatory started the game in Attack. The first round was complicated and Zerance had a worrying numerical advantage. But this was without counting on Goaster who manages to put the Spike down and eliminate one by one his opponents in an unexpected clutch. With the exception of the Bonus Round, Mandatory wins all their rounds until he reaches 6 points and thus already wins the side. Just like Valiant the day before, the Zerance players are overwhelmed by the chaos created by Mandatory. Spells are used to create effective diversions that benefit HyP and his teammates. In the end, the Attack concludes with a score of 9 to 3 in favour of Mandatory.

Once the roles are reversed, Zerance begins to play in a more risky way. Players cross smokes at unexpected times, allowing them to take the pistol. A strategy that doesn't pay off twice, as Raze's grenade thrown to prevent this kind of cheap shot decimates Zerance players, allowing Mandatory to win the next eco. The economy advantage and the cover of Goaster, HyP and TheBigFiz allow Mandatory to get close to the win on a score of 12 to 5. Zerance then began to get around Mandatory's defences brilliantly and took back enough rounds to bring Mandatory to their knees on the economic side. Forced to play retakes, Mandatory players get blinded by Breach and Skye and find themselves unable to do anything. The time for a final round where individuality has taken over from strategy, AKUMAAAAA wins a final duel where he was at a great disadvantage and allows the team to win the game.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

Goaster's first round Clutch

Chaos once again

Double of double

Unwinable > Unwinable