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Mandatory vs Zerance (First leg) - Challengers France 2023

Today's game was a particularly complex one for both teams. Mandatory was opposing Babax for the first time, and Zerance, in these Challengers France 2023. Despite a slight delay at the start of the game, our players managed to regain the upper hand and set their own pace. It was an electric and very close game, Akumaaaaa and his teammates win a second match, in this new week of competition.

MAP: Pearl
(Chosen by: Zerance )

MDR 13 - 10 ZER


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP10/12/13128
Portrait of Raze SmallAKUMAAAAA28/17/6359
Portrait of Kayo SmallGoaster19/19/18242
Portrait of Astra SmallTheBigFiz17/14/7180
Portrait of Cypher SmallkAdavra13/16/6176


Portrait of Astra SmallBabax15/18/9219
Portrait Yoru smalllux914/18/4174
Portrait of Fade SmallDarkLight15/18/7204
Portrait of Breach SmallVeqaj15/17/14167
Portrait of Killjoy SmallMercury19/16/3204

Match summary Mandatory vs Zerance

After a match on Haven against beGenius, our players faced Zerance on Pearl. Our opponents of the evening are particularly efficient in the beginning of the game. Zerance quickly took the lead and led 5-1, but after a timeout, Mandatory got back into the game. A first win led to a second, then another. The intelligence of HyP, in the next round, allowed us an extra point and went up a bit more. At side changer Zerance was only leading 7-5.

Unusually, Mandatory wins the pistol-round! A first victory in the attack that feels good. The following rounds are particularly competitive and both teams end up tied, 8-8. Zerance then looks to refocus with another break. Unfortunately for them, TheBigFiz and his team are determined. Our players are rewarded several times for their teamwork. The ten players fight a battle in the head as well as on the field... Mandatory keeps its cool, and, thanks to one last crazy Akumaaaaa action, won 13-10.

VOD of the match

The best actions of the match

Great performance by Akumaaaaa