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Wylde vs Mandatory (2nd leg) - Challengers France 2023

It was time for the return match between Mandatory and Wylde in this Challengers France 2023. The first leg ended in a defeat for Mandatory, so it was all about revenge this evening. But nothing went as planned. Wylde was fully prepared for the match, while Mandatory accumulated mistakes and strategies went haywire. Wylde wins this match.

MAP: Ascent
(Chosen by: Mandatory)

WYD 4 - 13 MDR


Portrait of Fade SmallHyP6/14/6128
Portrait of Phoenix SmallAKUMAAAAA15/15/0237
Portrait of Kayo SmallGoaster10/15/6180
Portrait of Omen SmallTheBigFiz9/14/6155
Portrait of Killjoy SmallkAdavra9/14/1154


Portrait of Kayo SmallSevire11/11/15186
Portrait of Killjoy Smallhype17/9/6285
Portrait of Jett Smallhiro15/8/4243
Portrait of Omen SmallMAGIK14/10/9202
Portrait Sova SmallFoxie15/11/10251

Match summary Wylde vs Mandatory

The game was played (once again) on Ascent, the most popular map of this Challengers France 2023. Mandatory in attack lost the first two rounds, but won the next two with impressive flicks of AKUMAAAAA. Unfortunately, the strategy of executing as late as possible once again does not bring the expected results. By letting the opponents organise their defence and entering the sites in groups, the whole team is regularly decimated by the Odin of Foxie or the Bucky of Hype. These strategic problems are all the more damaging as Wylde benefits from advantageous timings and movements. Wylde therefore leads 9-3 at the change of sides.

Although Mandatory won the second pistol round, they still lost all 5 of their players which made their advantage negligible in the next round. Wylde then wins and confirms their domination in the score. Mandatory doesn't seem to be in the game anymore. The team misses their flashes while Wylde is flawless and regularly manages to eliminate their opponents through walls and smokes. Wylde players take all the information with the KAY/O of Sevire and the Sova of Foxie, while hiro and MAGiK effectively bypass our players. Wylde won in the end with a score of 13-4.

VOD of the match

The best clips of the match

AKUMAAAAA's angry double

The replay that denies AKUMAAAAA's triple

HyP in a complicated situation

The failed retake